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‘Rock and a hard place’: party insiders say managing internal divisions on gun control Singh’s ‘biggest test’ as left-leaning hunters set sights on rural, northern MPs

Dec 7 2022 — Stuart Benson — Although the Liberals say they’re willing to review controversial changes to their gun-control legislation to avoid targeting common firearms used by hunters, the pressure is already mounting on the NDP to speak out as “left-leaning” hunters set their sights on MPs representing the party’s substantial rural, northwestern, and Indigenous constituencies. Following the Nov. 17 introduction […]

As convoy inquiry rolls on, critics spar with feds over blame for ‘abandonment’ of Ottawa residents

Oct 18 2022 — Stuart Benson — Political finger-pointing is in full swing as witness testimony at the inquiry into the federal government’s Feb. 14 invocation of the Emergencies Act continues, with early comments focused mainly on the effects of the so-called “Freedom Convoy” on the residents of Ottawa, who said they felt “abandoned” while police and all three orders of government […]

‘Fundamental premise no longer real’: former Chrétien cabinet minister calls on Liberals to abandon Safe Third Country Agreement

Oct 12 2022 — Stuart Benson — As the House Ethics Committee prepares to begin its inquiry into the use of more than half a billion dollars in public funds to support asylum seekers crossing into Canada near Roxham Road in Quebec, opposition MPs and refugee advocates argue the government is moving in the wrong direction by seemingly attempting to institutionalize the […]

‘We’ve been waiting while people are dying’: NDP MP Johns says Canadians can’t afford delayed Liberal action on suicide prevention

Oct 5 2022 — Stuart Benson — As the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and, more recently, the pressures of rising inflation continue to negatively impact mental health, Canadians will still have to wait another year before the federal government presents its action plan on suicide prevention. Appearing before the Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science, and Technology on Sept. 29, […]

On Truth and Reconciliation Day, Liberals should reflect on past mistakes, resist urge to defend themselves: Blackstock

Sep 28 2022 — Stuart Benson — Sept. 30 will mark Canada’s second National Truth and Reconciliation Day, but after taking heavy criticism last year from the public and the media after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used the day to take a vacation in Tofino B.C., one advocate says she has high expectations for the government to show that truth and reconciliation […]

Year-long deadlock between Libs and Tories could be ‘new normal,’ but ‘perfect storm’ of inflation and health-care crisis creates a ‘windfall’ for opposition parties: Coletto, Nanos

Sep 12 2022 — Stuart Benson — A week out from the official return of Parliament on Sept. 19, the Liberals and Conservatives appear deadlocked in the polls, and analysts predict this winter will provide a “perfect storm” of issues for all the opposition parties. But if the Conservatives hope to defeat the Liberals in the next election, it will be up […]

Advocates, politicos urge feds to lead on ending ‘appalling practice’ of immigrant detention in provincial jails

Aug 23 2022 — Stuart Benson — Human rights advocates are hopeful last month’s announcement that British Columbia is ending its contract with the Canada Border Services Agency to detain immigrants and asylum seekers in provincial jails will spur other provinces to follow suit. However, they are still calling on the federal government to take the lead. On July 21, B.C.’s Public […]

Committee to weigh ‘appearance’ of political interference with government status quo in NS shooting case

Jul 6 2022 — Stuart Benson — Despite two weeks of difficult questions and condemnations for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and members of his cabinet, analysts and Liberal strategists aren’t convinced that the controversy over the alleged interference in the RCMP’s investigation of the 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting is something Canadian voters are actually concerned about. While the Liberals’ political rivals […]

Charest’s campaign says it expects to raise more than $2-million in fundraising as leadership race could double party memberships

May 24 2022 — Stuart Benson — With less than two weeks left for Conservative leadership campaigns to sell new party memberships, former Quebec premier Jean Charest is touting his camp’s successes not just in recruitment but also in fundraising. “We are well on track to reach $2-million within the next two weeks,” the campaign’s director of communications, Michelle Coates Mather, told […]