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Cabinet shuffle! Borders! Election!

Jul 19 2018 — Supriya Dwivedi — A cabinet shuffle is the kind of thing that only excites the nerdiest of political nerds, so you would be excused if you were enjoying your summer instead of reading into the subtleties of what this cabinet shuffle might mean for the federal election scheduled for Oct. 21, 2019. One thing is clear, though: the […]

Ford government wrong to revert back to 1998 sex ed curriculum

Jul 13 2018 — Supriya Dwivedi — Fulfilling yet another campaign promise, the Progressive Conservative government confirmed earlier this week that for the coming school year, students in Ontario would not be learning the updated sex education curriculum that had been revamped and reintroduced in 2015. Instead, students will be learning a curriculum that dates back to 1998. That’s an era that […]

Donald Trump didn’t light Canada’s political dumpster fire

Jun 29 2018 — Supriya Dwivedi — Once upon a time, in an era before Trump was elected president of the United States, Canadians were innocently unaware of the notion of deceitful political tricks, there were no dog whistle politics, and everyone got along wonderfully. Then Donald Trump came along, and all of a sudden our political sphere took a sharp turn […]

No movie will do the Rob Ford era justice

Apr 12 2018 — Supriya Dwivedi — Tuesday, the centre of the universe, otherwise colloquially referred to as Toronto, got word that former mayor, Rob Ford, was going to be played by Homeland and Billions star Damian Lewis in an upcoming film. It’s an interesting casting choice; apparently, Lewis will be fitted with prosthetics of some sort in order to realistically portray […]

Canada’s media oversimplifies Indo-Canadian relations

Mar 2 2018 — Supriya Dwivedi — One of the worst trips to India I ever had involved a lizard climbing up the inside of my pant leg, a terrifyingly aggressive and determined monkey who stole a special edition Chicago Bulls cap right off of my head, two separate bouts of lice, a rickshaw accident that literally landed me in a pile […]

For the love of peoplekind, do better Canadian media

Feb 8 2018 — Supriya Dwivedi — For the last few weeks now the Prime Minister has been going all over the country to engage Canadians during town hall-style question and answer periods. Last week at a town hall stop in Edmonton, Prime Minister Trudeau responded tongue in cheek to a questioner by asking her to refer to mankind as peoplekind.

Liberals will win the fight on Canada Summer Jobs program

Feb 1 2018 — Supriya Dwivedi — Late in 2017 the federal government announced it would be implementing changes to the Canada Summer Jobs program. After it had been widely reported that past recipients of the tax-payer funded subsidy had used the funds to advance the cause of limiting women’s reproductive rights, the program garnered criticism.

#MeToo makes its way to Canadian politics

Jan 25 2018 — Supriya Dwivedi — On a day in which much of social media was focused on the sentencing of a monstrous sexual predator it seemed almost surreal to have not one but two Progressive Conservative leaders go down amid serious sexual misconduct allegations. First, the news out of Nova Scotia was that PC leader Jamie Baillie had resigned. After […]

Canadian media will likely botch its #MeToo moment

Dec 9 2017 — Supriya Dwivedi — Over the last two months, we have seen a deluge of news involving allegations against wealthy, high-profile men who tend to wield lots of power. This week, Time Magazine announced their person(s) of the year as being the silence breakers who have called out not only their individual alleged harassers and abusers but have also […]

Payette warned of misinformation killing democracy, but it may just kill off humanity

Nov 9 2017 — Supriya Dwivedi — Last week Governor General Julie Payette caused quite the stir while addressing the Canadian Science Policy Convention. Most reasonable people were not upset at the content of the remarks — anthropogenic climate change is real, natural selection is scientific fact, sugar pills don’t cure cancer, astrological signs have no bearing on the course of one’s […]

Nobody is surprised Quebec is going after the niqab yet again

Oct 20 2017 — Supriya Dwivedi — With a majority in the National Assembly, the Liberal Party of Quebec passed Bill 62, a law that claims to establish religious neutrality of the state. The opposition parties, Parti Québécois and Coalition Avenir Québec, opposed the bill on the basis of it not going far enough while Québec Solidaire voted against the bill noting […]