National Newswatch

Economic Rebound Gives Trudeau Momentum Ahead of Fall Election

Jul 18 2019 — Stephen Wicary — A dead heat among voters over which leader is best suited to steer the Canadian economy appears to breaking in Justin Trudeau’s favor. The Liberal prime minister is pulling ahead of his main rival on the crucial question of economic stewardship in the run up to the October election. According to a survey by Nanos […]

Trump Nears Key Cuba Sanctions Decision Over Support for Maduro

Feb 27 2019 — Stephen Wicary — Donald Trump’s administration regularly denounces Nicolas Maduro as an autocratic Cuban puppet and may hit the Caribbean island with new sanctions over its support for the Venezuelan leader. The U.S. president is expected to decide soon whether to activate a controversial section of American law toward Cuba for the first time ever, with other measures […]

Canadian Export Agency Downgrades Its Assessment of Saudi Arabia

Sep 20 2018 — Stephen Wicary — Canada’s export financing agency is raising a red flag on doing business with Saudi Arabia in the wake of a feud between Riyadh and the Trudeau government. Export Development Canada “is currently off cover on all products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” the agency said on its website’s Saudi country profile Thursday night. “EDC […]

Rethinking Cuba and the U.S. embargo

Dec 17 2014 — Stephen Wicary — In September, scores of Cuban-Americans filled a Miami lecture hall to talk reconciliation. Speakers included a Kosovo independence leader on the need to prepare ahead for uncertain change, and a top U.S. diplomat on how lessons learned in the Middle East apply to Washington’s half-century feud with the Castro government. It was the third time […]

In Cuba, change comes slow

Feb 10 2014 — Stephen Wicary — Havana — In the popular imagination, Cuba is ruled with an iron fist by a regime that ignores the will of the people. That’s what a few friends, colleagues and rivals believed when I left Canada and came to live here a year and a half ago. Since then, however, I’ve found the truth to […]

A business-friendly Cuba gets a hand from Canada

Aug 29 2013 — Stephen Wicary — Everything about Cuba is political—which is something I learned the hard way before even moving here last summer. After a decade of writing headlines at The Globe and Mail, I was suddenly making them when a Sun News commentator took a swing at me. My move was proof of left-wing bias in the media, Ezra Levant fumed, […]