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Trudeau Notches a Big Win With Negotiated End to CN Rail Strike

Nov 26 2019 — Theophilos Argitis — Justin Trudeau scored a major political victory with the negotiated end to a damaging Canadian rail strike that will only cement his government’s growing ties with organized labor. The prime minister’s reluctance to force an end to the strike of about 3,200 conductors and railyard operators at Canadian National Railway Co. won him accolades from […]

Wooing Back Big Business Is Job One for Trudeau’s Finance Chief

Nov 21 2019 — Theophilos Argitis — In the corridors of corporate Canada, Finance Minister Bill Morneau tends to inspire equal measures of grievance and hope. To some, the former Bay Street executive hasn’t sufficiently defended the interests of business at a cabinet table that may be the most left-leaning and activist in a generation under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. To others, […]

How Justin Trudeau imperiled his own re-election

Aug 20 2019 — Theophilos Argitis — A scandal that threatens to derail Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s bid for re-election returned to the headlines at a particularly sensitive time. Following a months-long investigation, Canada’s ethics watchdog found that Trudeau had inappropriately interfered in a judicial matter, a conclusion that reignited criticism of his dominant Liberal Party as overly cozy with big business. […]

Trudeau Takes Big Lead on Economic Stewardship Ahead of Election

Aug 14 2019 — Theophilos Argitis — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has forged a comfortable lead over his main political rival on the crucial question of economic stewardship, giving the Canadian leader a critical advantage in his bid for re-election in October. According to a monthly survey conducted by Nanos Research Group for Bloomberg News, 37% of respondents say they trust Trudeau […]

Canadians split between Trudeau and Scheer on economic acumen

Jun 7 2019 — Theophilos Argitis — Four months before an election, Canadians remain split on whether they see Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or his main rival, Andrew Scheer, as the best manager of the nation’s economy. Asked which leader they trusted to support growth, 30 per cent of Canadians picked Trudeau and 29 per cent chose Scheer, according to a survey […]

Meet the frontrunners to succeed Poloz at top Bank of Canada job

May 13 2019 — Theophilos Argitis — Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz enters the final year of his term next month, and the guessing game on who could succeed him is underway. While Poloz hasn’t officially announced whether he wants to stay, no Canadian central bank governor has been given a second mandate since the early 1980s. Early front-runners include the […]

Canada Sees Its Biggest Influx of Immigrants Since World War I

Mar 21 2019 — Theophilos Argitis — Canada just recorded its biggest influx of immigrants in more than a century. The country added 71,131 immigrants in the final three months of 2018, for a full year increase of 321,065, according to the latest estimates released Thursday by Statistics Canada in Ottawa. The annual increase is the largest since 1913 — when 401,000 […]

How Trudeau’s Faring Economically Ahead of His Election Budget

Mar 18 2019 — Theophilos Argitis — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivers his fourth and final budget this week before Canada’s next election. The fiscal plan, to be unveiled Tuesday in the Ottawa legislature by Finance Minister Bill Morneau, comes with the economy in a soft patch, concerns building over the country’s competitiveness and the Liberal government trailing in opinion polls.

Morneau Is on Shaky Ground With Claims of Canadian Wage Gains

Nov 24 2018 — Theophilos Argitis — The pick up in Canadian wages that Finance Minister Bill Morneau is using to justify running deficits may not be as robust as advertised. In a budget update Wednesday, Morneau kept deficits at just under 1 percent of output, arguing strong growth, falling unemployment, and rising wages are evidence his anti-austerity policies are working. But […]

In Harper’s World, Trudeau’s Brand of Liberalism Can Only Fail

Oct 15 2018 — Theophilos Argitis — Whatever disdain Stephen Harper had for liberals as Canadian prime minister shows no signs of abating now that he’s out of office. In an interview Thursday in Toronto, where Harper was promoting his new book “Right Here, Right Now: Politics and Leadership in the Age of Disruption,” he explained his thoughts on populism, economics, recent […]

Trade Peace Turns Trudeau’s Attention to Deeper Economic Woes

Oct 4 2018 — Theophilos Argitis — The tough economic work may only just be starting for Justin Trudeau after Canada struck a last-minute deal to be included in the new Nafta. Wages are barely keeping up with the cost of living, business executives complain they can’t compete and households are carrying record levels of debt that will weigh down the expansion. […]

Canada to respond to U.S. tax reform challenge in fiscal update

Jul 23 2018 — Theophilos Argitis — Canada’s Liberal government will seek to address competitiveness challenges faced by the nation’s businesses in a budget update later this year amid pressure to respond to U.S. tax reform. Finance Minister Bill Morneau, in an interview with Bloomberg News in Buenos Aires on Saturday, said the key themes emerging for his fiscal update — a […]

Trade Concern Seeps Into Canadian Consumer Confidence Numbers

Apr 2 2018 — Theophilos Argitis — It’s been a dramatic reversal in sentiment for Canada’s consumers. The Bloomberg Nanos Canadian Confidence Index — a composite gauge based on survey questions — continued to tumble in March, dropping to the worst month-end reading in more than a year as households grow increasingly concerned about the durability of the economic expansion. The index […]