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Public Health Agency of Canada president resigns as COVID-19 cases spike

Sep 18 2020 — John Paul Tasker — The president of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is stepping down only 18 months into the job, leaving the federal agency tasked with coordinating the country’s COVID-19 response without a seasoned leader. Tina Namiesniowski said she would be stepping aside immediately to make way for a new president. A spokesperson for Health Minister […]

Hajdu orders a review of pandemic alert system after scientists claim warnings were ignored

Sep 8 2020 — John Paul Tasker — Health Minister Patty Hajdu has ordered an independent review of the Global Public Health Intelligence Network (GPHIN) in response to claims by some scientists that their early warnings about the threat of COVID-19 were ignored or inadequately addressed by senior staff at the Public Health Agency of Canada. The network, a federal government-run monitoring and […]

Will success of Conservative leadership vote lead to a bump in the polls?

Aug 22 2020 — John Paul Tasker — The next Conservative leader will inherit a party that’s flying high: a record number of individual donations, a dues-paying base nearing 270,000 members and an opponent who’s bogged down in his third federal ethics investigation in five years. The four leadership contenders have signed up an eye-popping number of new members despite pandemic-related restrictions that […]

Ottawa slow to respond to PPE shortages flagged in February: documents

Aug 14 2020 — John Paul Tasker — The public servants who manage the National Emergency Strategic Stockpile (NESS) warned in early February that there was a shortage of the personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to weather a pandemic but it took weeks for the federal government to sign contracts for goods like N95 respirators, the masks used by health-care professionals to protect […]

Military intelligence unit briefed Sajjan on COVID-19 risk on January 17: documents

Jul 22 2020 — John Paul Tasker — ‘The wasted time cost Canada enormously in terms of lives,’ intelligence expert says. A little-known medical unit within Canadian Forces Intelligence Command briefed Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan about the COVID-19 crisis on January 17, 2020, the government confirmed in a document presented to Parliament this week. The briefing from the medical intelligence (MEDINT) unit came […]

Scheer says Liberal MPs signalling they’re OK with ‘corruption’ if they don’t demand Trudeau’s resignation

Jul 20 2020 — John Paul Tasker — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said today Liberal MPs should push for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s resignation as he faces his third ethics investigation — this time for his handling of the multi-million dollar WE Charity student grants contract. Scheer said that if Liberal backbenchers don’t call for Trudeau’s departure now, they’ll be complicit in his […]