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Trudeau has ‘inspired a lot of suspicion’ about election results, Poilievre says

Mar 14 2023 — John Paul Tasker — Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre said Tuesday the Liberal government’s inaction on alleged election meddling by China has some Canadian voters wondering whether recent election results can be trusted. Speaking to reporters after a drug-related announcement in B.C., Poilievre said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has “inspired a lot of suspicion” because of his refusal to answer […]

Facing questions about China, Trudeau chides Poilievre for far-right meeting

Mar 8 2023 — John Paul Tasker — Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre asked some pointed questions of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Wednesday about his government’s handling of Chinese election interference. Trudeau hit back with a question of his own: Why are Conservative MPs who met with a far-right German politician still in the Tory caucus? Under pressure from the Conservatives to state exactly […]

Trudeau slaps down questions about public inquiry into election meddling

Mar 3 2023 — John Paul Tasker — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pushed back at questions Friday about calling a public inquiry into claims that Beijing interfered in Canada’s recent elections, telling reporters that the probes already underway are sufficient. Trudeau is under pressure from his political opponents to launch an inquiry after media reports citing unnamed sources said the Chinese communist regime […]

Federal election watchdog launches investigation into foreign interference complaints

Mar 2 2023 — John Paul Tasker — The commissioner of Canada Elections, the watchdog that enforces Canada’s federal election laws, says her office has launched an investigation into allegations of foreign interference in the last two federal election campaigns. After recent reports about Chinese interference in Canada’s democracy, Caroline Simard said Thursday that her office has received serious complaints about meddling that […]

RCMP not investigating 2021 election meddling allegations, MPs told

Mar 1 2023 — John Paul Tasker — While multiple media reports have detailed allegations of foreign interference, including attempts to co-opt candidates, the top bureaucrat at the Department of Public Safety said Wednesday there are no active RCMP investigations underway into the last election. “I can confirm that the RCMP is not investigating any of allegations that are arising from the last […]

Company picked by Ottawa to produce made-in-Canada vaccines warns it may go out of business

Mar 1 2023 — John Paul Tasker — The federal Liberal government’s COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing policy is facing yet another challenge after Maryland-based Novavax announced late Tuesday it may not have enough cash in a year’s time to stay in business. That means three pillars of the government’s made-in-Canada COVID-19 vaccine procurement strategy have failed or could soon fail. In addition to this […]

Meet the Canadian-born doctors who can’t work in Canada

Feb 16 2023 — John Paul Tasker — Thousands of Canadian-born doctors are working abroad at a time when the country is facing an acute shortage of physicians — and there’s little prospect of them practising here because of barriers that block foreign-trained professionals from launching a career at home. While it’s difficult to establish just how many Canadian doctors are working overseas, […]

Conservatives want auditor general to probe McKinsey contracts

Feb 6 2023 — John Paul Tasker — The federal Conservatives are calling on the auditor general to probe the government’s use of consulting firm McKinsey for outside advice — a company the Tories say deserves close scrutiny because of its past ties to China and the opioid crisis. McKinsey has received more than $100 million in government contracts over the last seven […]