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Canadians have re-elected a Liberal government, CBC News projects

Sep 20 2021 — John Paul Tasker — Polls have closed nationwide and results from hundreds of federal ridings are starting to pour in from Elections Canada as the unprecedented 44th general election comes to an end. With about 800,000 ballots counted so far, the Liberals have 42 per cent of the ballots cast, the Conservatives have about 33 per cent and the […]

An Erin O’Toole-led pandemic plan would look like Alberta’s COVID crisis, Trudeau says

Sep 16 2021 — John Paul Tasker — ‘Just a few days ago, Mr. O’Toole was still applauding Mr. Kenney,’ Liberal leader says. With Alberta now in the grip of another public health emergency after a summer largely free of COVID-related restrictions, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said today Canadians can’t trust Conservatives to run the country during a pandemic. Pointing to Conservative Leader […]

O’Toole attacks Trudeau for holding a large campaign event indoors

Sep 15 2021 — John Paul Tasker — Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole ripped into his Liberal opponent today, saying it was irresponsible for Justin Trudeau to hold a sizable indoor campaign rally during the pandemic. Speaking to reporters at a campaign stop in Saguenay, Que., O’Toole said Trudeau’s “entitlement and privilege were on full display” last night when he hosted some 400 people […]

O’Toole urges Canadians to punish Trudeau for calling ‘unwanted and unnecessary election’

Sep 14 2021 — John Paul Tasker — With just six days left in this election campaign, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole is ramping up the pressure on his Liberal opponent — urging Canadians to punish Justin Trudeau for triggering what he called an “unwanted and unnecessary election.” Since day one of the campaign, opposition leaders have centred their critiques of Trudeau on the […]

Liberal Party releases multi-billion dollar election platform for post-pandemic recovery

Sep 1 2021 — John Paul Tasker — ‘Erin O’Toole can’t offer the leadership we need,’ Trudeau says. The Liberal Party released its election platform today — an ambitious document that offers billions in new spending to address both long-standing policy problems and new ones that have emerged during the past 19 months of the pandemic crisis. The sprawling, 53-page platform differs substantially […]

First Nations leaders endorse Liberal candidate while at an NDP event

Aug 31 2021 — John Paul Tasker — Two First Nations leaders from Manitoba endorsed a Liberal candidate running in the province’s north while standing next to NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh at a campaign event. Singh and two NDP candidates seeking re-election met with Manitoba First Nations leaders in Winnipeg last week to discuss some of the pressing issues facing Indigenous communities like […]

Conservative candidate banishes campaign volunteers who were at Trudeau rally

Aug 28 2021 — John Paul Tasker — Conservative candidate Kyle Seeback said Saturday some of his campaign volunteers were at the Liberal event shut down by police last night amid a tenuous security situation. In a media statement, Seeback, the party’s candidate in Dufferin–Caledon, said a “few of my supporters attended the protest outside Justin Trudeau’s event,” and as a result they […]

Trudeau promises $1B to help provinces pay for vaccine passports

Aug 27 2021 — John Paul Tasker — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau today announced a billion-dollar fund to help provinces create their own vaccine passports — credentials people vaccinated against COVID-19 can show to businesses to make everyday activities safer. Speaking to reporters at a campaign stop in Mississauga, Ont., Trudeau said he wants to see “Canadians moving again in a safe and […]