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The cost of the Senate has soared in the last five years

Nov 15 2019 — John Paul Tasker — The cost to run the Senate of Canada has increased by more than a third over the last five years as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s reform agenda has led, in part, to increased expenditures in the upper house. CBC News has reviewed the Senate’s spending over the last six years. Before Trudeau’s first election, in […]

There’s another new faction in the Senate: the Progressive Senate Group

Nov 14 2019 — John Paul Tasker — The Independent Liberal Senate caucus is disbanding today and all of its members are about to join a new entity called the Progressive Senate Group as the reorganization of Canada’s upper house continues apace. Dismantling the Liberal caucus in the chamber means the upper house will be left without a sitting Liberal senator for the […]

Senate defections could solidify Trudeau’s upper house reforms

Nov 5 2019 — John Paul Tasker — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has appointed only ‘Independent’ senators — now Conservatives are peeling away. The announcement Monday that 11 senators were breaking away from their respective groups to create a new entity — the blandly named Canadian Senators Group (CSG) — is a welcome development for those looking to hasten the demise of an […]

Andrew Scheer falls short — but vows Conservatives will be ready next time

Oct 22 2019 — John Paul Tasker — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer ran his party’s federal election campaign as a referendum on the performance of Justin Trudeau and the Liberals over the last four years. Now the results are in: a minority government for Trudeau, a slightly larger caucus for the Conservatives — and new pressure on Scheer’s leadership. Beyond a promise to […]

It’s election day in Canada: Here’s what you need to know

Oct 21 2019 — John Paul Tasker — After a 40-day campaign, millions of Canadians will cast ballots today in the country’s 43rd general election. Canadian citizens aged 18 years and over who have not already voted can put an X beside the name of their favoured candidate at local polling stations. If you haven’t received a voter information card (VIC) in the […]

Scheer touts ‘100 Day Action Plan’ as he asks voters for a Conservative majority

Oct 15 2019 — John Paul Tasker — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer carried on with his “100 Day Action Plan” campaign theme Tuesday, promising to negotiate an interprovincial trade agreement with the premiers to eliminate internal trade barriers that he said stand in the way of prosperity. Speaking to reporters in Quebec City, Scheer promised to convene a meeting with premiers shortly after […]

Key moments from the final leaders’ debate of the election campaign

Oct 11 2019 — John Paul Tasker — The six federal party leaders returned to the stage Thursday for the final debate of the campaign that saw the federalist leaders direct their ire at surging Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer urged Quebecers to reject Blanchet’s advances and vote for a party that can form […]

5 key moments from the federal leaders’ debate

Oct 8 2019 — John Paul Tasker — The six major party leaders squared off in a debate Monday that saw Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer taunt each other as they jockeyed for the front-runner position. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer branded his Liberal opponent as a mask-wearing “phoney” and a “fraud” who has lost the moral authority to govern. […]