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Pierre Poilievre promises to quash Bank of Canada’s foray into digital currency

Apr 28 2022 — John Paul Tasker — Conservative leadership contender Pierre Poilievre promised Thursday he’d spike the Bank of Canada’s proposal to offer a digital currency, saying this sort of financial instrument should be left to the private sector. Poilievre has emerged as a fierce critic of Canada’s central bank. He’s tried to link decades-high inflation to its COVID-era policy of quantitative […]

Freeland’s budget leaves out a number of major Liberal campaign promises

Apr 10 2022 — John Paul Tasker — Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland tabled her second federal budget Thursday promising a return to “fiscal responsibility” after years of big COVID-related spending. It’s a noticeably thinner budget that left some of the Liberal Party’s major 2021 election promises on the cutting room floor. A number of those commitments — most notably more money for health […]

Promising more fiscal prudence, Freeland tables a lower-spending budget focused on housing

Apr 7 2022 — John Paul Tasker — Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland tabled her second federal budget Thursday — a multi-billion dollar plan meant to help the country weather increasingly uncertain times through major investments to cool Canada’s red-hot housing market and supercharge the transition to a cleaner, greener economy. Freeland signalled the days of eye-popping 12-digit budget deficits are coming to an […]

In a pitch to cryptocurrency investors, Poilievre says he wants Canada to be ‘blockchain capital of the world’

Mar 28 2022 — John Paul Tasker — Conservative leadership candidate says government is ‘ruining’ the dollar, backs bitcoin. Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre said Monday a government led by him would do more to normalize cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum in Canada to “decentralize” the economy and reduce the influence of central bankers. Since bitcoin’s advent in 2013, a number of right-leaning and […]

Poilievre vows to ban oil from ‘polluting dictatorships,’ double production in Newfoundland

Mar 25 2022 — John Paul Tasker — Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre promised Friday a government led by him would take a hard line on what he calls “polluting dictatorships” by dramatically curbing foreign oil imports from countries like Saudi Arabia while boosting Canadian production to make up the shortfall. Oil imports have moved to the forefront of the political agenda since […]

Conservative interim leader accuses Liberals of ‘power grab’ after Trudeau makes a deal with the NDP

Mar 22 2022 — John Paul Tasker — Interim Conservative leader Candice Bergen came out swinging Tuesday against a new agreement that will see the NDP prop up the Liberal government until 2025, calling the pact a “desperate” attempt by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to “cling to power.” Speaking to reporters after Trudeau formally announced the confidence-and-supply agreement, Bergen said the deal effectively […]

Charest has the edge in Ontario over Conservative leadership rival Poilievre, poll suggests

Mar 22 2022 — John Paul Tasker — A new poll released today suggests former Quebec premier Jean Charest has the advantage in the all-important electoral battleground of Ontario over Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre, his primary adversary in the Conservative leadership race. The Angus Reid Institute poll, which surveyed 5,105 Canadians from March 10-15, also found Charest is the favoured candidate among people […]

Tam says the federal government is ‘examining’ all vaccine mandates

Mar 18 2022 — John Paul Tasker — Canada’s chief public health officer said Friday the federal government is actively reviewing all of its vaccine mandates with an eye to ending rules that force some people to get their COVID-19 shots. Speaking at a press conference with reporters, Dr. Theresa Tam said the country’s public health officials are at a “very important juncture” […]

Brown, Poilievre trade shots over niqab ban as Conservative leadership race heats up

Mar 14 2022 — John Paul Tasker — Conservative leadership candidate Patrick Brown launched an attack Monday on his opponent Pierre Poilievre, accusing the Conservative MP of supporting “discriminatory policies” that target immigrants. Poilievre, the MP for the Ottawa-area riding of Carleton considered the front-runner in the race, pitched new policies Monday that he said will make it easier for skilled immigrants to […]

Trudeau says Canada, NATO need to avoid all-out war with Russia

Mar 4 2022 — John Paul Tasker — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Friday his government does not want to see an escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian war that would pull NATO forces into “direct conflict” with Russia in eastern Europe. Speaking to reporters at a transit announcement in Mississauga, Ont., Trudeau said Canada and its allies are focused on delivering economic body-blows to […]

Conservative leadership contender Poilievre calls Europe’s response to Putin’s aggression ‘weak’

Mar 1 2022 — John Paul Tasker — Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre — the only declared candidate for the party’s leadership — is slamming Europe’s response to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, saying in a social media post that the continent’s leaders have been “weak” in the face of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggression. Poilievre, who announced his candidacy only days after former leader Erin […]