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RCMP called to probe tale of two Liberal MPs, a suburban overpass, trip to India and multimillion dollar land deal

Nov 30 2018 — Tom Blackwell — The Toronto-area city of Brampton has asked the RCMP to look at a multimillion-dollar land deal after confidential information on the transaction was passed to local Liberal MPs Navdeep Bains and Raj Grewal, sources confirmed Friday. City council referred the matter to the Mounties at a special meeting Tuesday, sources confirmed to the National Post. […]

Once eager to help imprisoned ‘Jihadi Jack,’ Canadian officials suddenly turned away, emails show

Oct 30 2018 — Tom Blackwell — For the first several months, the messages suggested Canada was willing, even eager, to get Jack Letts out of a Kurdish prison in northern Syria. Global Affairs Canada discussed possible exit routes for the former resident of ISIL-controlled Raqqa. They asked the joint British-Canadian citizen’s jailers to provide him medical help, and said they were […]

Trump says Canada has treated U.S. farmers ‘very poorly,’ but most of them tell a different story

Sep 5 2018 — Tom Blackwell — As Canadian and American trade negotiators resumed their high-pressure talks in Washington Wednesday, one of Donald Trump’s favourite themes loomed large. For 17 months, the president has accused this country of giving U.S. farmers a raw deal, imposing 300-per-cent tariffs on their dairy products and committing other, unspecified injustices that would have to be remedied […]

Mexican negotiator suggests there is no need for Canada to rejoin NAFTA talks after U.S.-Mexico reach deal

Aug 23 2018 — Tom Blackwell — A top Mexican negotiator put a new question mark Wednesday over Canada’s participation in NAFTA talks, suggesting this country will not necessarily join in next week if the U.S. and its southern neighbour finish their own, two-way deal. And Jesus Seade seemed to indicate that any bilateral agreement with the U.S. could cover major trilateral […]

Trade talks with Canada proving ‘really, really difficult,’ with little progress: U.S. NAFTA negotiator

Aug 9 2018 — Tom Blackwell — Trade negotiations with Canada have been “really, really difficult,” achieving no substantial progress so far, says one of the United States’ top negotiators, offering a new glimpse at NAFTA-related tensions between the two countries. Gregg Doud, the chief U.S. agriculture negotiator, contrasted the Canadian stance with what he suggested was smooth sailing in talks with […]