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Pro-Beijing groups claim credit for helping Olivia Chow win Toronto mayoralty. She says she was unaware

Jul 10 2023 — Tom Blackwell — Two prominent community groups aligned with the Chinese government supplied numerous volunteers to the effort, a letter from one of the groups claims As Olivia Chow campaigned successfully to become Toronto’s new mayor, she received some unsolicited help from controversial sources. Two prominent community groups aligned with the Chinese government — including one that allegedly […]

Conservatives have softened China stance since riding losses in 2021 election, critics say

Mar 27 2023 — Tom Blackwell — Pierre Poilievre’s venture into the Greater Toronto Area’s Chinese community in January was in some ways a standard bit of politicking. He broke bread with community leaders, answered questions from Chinese-language news media and even said a few words in Chinese, an unremarkable outreach to an important block of ethnic voters. More notable were some […]

New group with Beijing links to promote friendly candidates in Canadian elections

Nov 25 2022 — Tom Blackwell — On the face of it, the fledgling organization’s goals seem innocuous enough — to encourage Chinese-Canadians to run for elected office and vote in elections. The Chinese Council for Western Ontario Elections says it wants to be an “incubator” for candidates who support the community’s interests and educate newcomers about Canadian democracy. But the council’s […]

Conservative leadership contender Patrick Brown wins support of Beijing-allied groups, senator

Jun 10 2022 — Tom Blackwell — After their party lost another federal election last year, the Chinese Canadian Conservative Association (CCCA) made some striking comments about the Tory platform — and Canada’s relations with Beijing. Spokesman Joe Li said the Conservative push for a tougher stance on China had alienated voters of Chinese descent and cost the party three ridings.

Canadian armoured vehicles have arrived in Ukraine — but they’re not fit for the front line, experts say

May 31 2022 — Tom Blackwell — Another major piece of Ottawa’s military aid to Ukraine has arrived in the country. Whether it’s what the beleaguered nation’s armed forces most need from Canada — or nearly enough of a contribution — is another question, experts say. The Ukrainian army has taken possession of eight new “Senator” armoured personnel carriers the federal government […]

Ex-Conservative organizer accused of ordering murder of Indian athlete over sports-league dispute

Mar 30 2022 — Tom Blackwell — As a back-room organizer in the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, Snover Dhillon was a lightning rod for controversy. Already convicted of fraud for unrelated matters, he was accused in the run-up to the last provincial election of crossing ethical lines in his work helping would-be Conservative candidates win nominations. The party’s new leadership made it […]

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