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Ignore Trudeau’s carbon-tax chorus. Nobel economists aren’t backing this plan

Oct 31 2018 — Terence Corcoran — In an effort to bolster the federal Liberals shaky arguments for a semi-national, cash-circulating Rube Goldberg carbon-tax price mechanism, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government are pointing to the work of William Nordhaus, one of this year’s Nobel Prize-winning economists. Canadians would be better off taking advice from a Nobel Prize winner who supports […]

Canada is now playing hardball on trade with U.S. — good

Jan 11 2018 — Terence Corcoran — The NAFTA-is-dead movement gathered steam on Wednesday. Or maybe it’s just more hot air emanating from the whirling machinery of strategic negotiation leading up to the beginning of the Montreal Round of negotiations scheduled to begin Jan. 23. The prospect of NAFTA’s demise has long been a Trump administration product, mostly generated by the president’s […]

The Tories show they can act more unethically than Bill Morneau

Dec 1 2017 — Terence Corcoran — Somewhere the Andrew Scheer Conservatives must have policies and messages that counter the Trudeau government’s parade of unfocused fiscal and ideological spins. If the Tories continue to place the lynching of Finance Minister Bill Morneau as their top priority, voters may never find out whether Scheer offers meaningful and principled alternatives to the Liberals. That […]

Why the rich should revolt — and it’s not for the reasons they think

Sep 15 2017 — Terence Corcoran — On July 15, a beautiful 26 C summer day in Ottawa, Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced the Justin Trudeau government’s plan to revamp tax rules for small business corporations. The Liberals say these corporations — formally known as Canadian-Controlled Private Corporations — take advantage of giant tax loopholes that Canada’s wealthy use to dodge billions […]

Liberals’ baffling electoral survey needs reform

Dec 6 2016 — Terence Corcoran — The best thing about the Trudeau government’s new online survey on democracy is that you can vote as often as you want. I completed it twice. Somebody tweeted that they’d answered all the questions at the government’s site five times, each time with different answers. Social media set fire to in a bonfire […]

Beware Justin Trudeau’s new pension-plan socialism

May 18 2016 — Terence Corcoran — Judging by the words of the prime minister, the era of pension-fund socialism has finally arrived, and only four decades later than we thought. After the Quebec government’s Caisse de dépôt et placement unveiled its plan to build, own and operate a $5.5 billion Montreal electric train system, it sounded like Justin Trudeau could barely […]

Gagnier hands Justin Trudeau a pot of rotten corporatism

Oct 16 2015 — Terence Corcoran — Well, that’s some pot of rotten corporatism Dan Gagnier has left on Justin Trudeau’s lap. Maybe the Liberals didn’t notice that the co-chair of their campaign has a long track record of corporate-government copulation. Those of us who follow the workings of the sustainable development movement created by Maurice Strong dedicated to the co-mingling of […]

Tax free and loving it in 2080

Apr 24 2015 — Terence Corcoran — The dogs of Canada’s ongoing ideological war against lower taxes are circling Tax Free Savings Accounts. Led in part by the barker-in-chief at the CBC, the hounds certainly believe they have Finance Minister Joe Oliver in a corner. Oliver, you see, delivered a slight post-budget faux pas the other day when he told Amanda Lang […]

The end of Canada’s oil superpower pipe dreams

Jan 7 2015 — Terence Corcoran — The Washington dust has not yet settled around Canada’s Keystone XL pipeline, but the fuzzy images visible Tuesday through the political storm do not look promising. Nothing in the current play of politics and oil prices would lead to the conclusion that Keystone will ever get approved. But it’s worse than that for Canada. As […]