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Liberals polled Canadians before choosing COVID-19 economic recovery slogan

Jun 24 2021 — Tyler Dawson — The two ‘green’ options were the least popular, and one was considered too anti-Alberta. When the Liberal government was workshopping its COVID-19 economic recovery slogan, Canadians rejected one option on the basis that it seemingly slandered Alberta, according to research done for the Privy Council Office. First reported by Blacklock’s Reporter, an Ottawa online news […]

Linda O’Leary was ‘hostile’ and ‘not co-operative,’ after fatal boat crash, officer tells court

Jun 18 2021 — Tyler Dawson — After Linda O’Leary’s speedboat crashed into another boat on a lake in Ontario’s cottage country, O’Leary was “very hostile” towards police, an officer testified at trial on Friday. “She was very hostile towards us, she was not co-operative, she did not wish to speak with police any further and pretty well told us she was […]

Canadian government has spent nearly $6M on Chinese contracts since two Michaels were arrested

Apr 28 2021 — Tyler Dawson — In the nearly two-and-a-half years since the two Michaels were jailed in China, the Liberal government has dished out nearly $6 million worth of business contracts to Chinese companies. “The Liberal government’s business-as-usual approach to the People’s Republic of China should come to an end, particularly with Canadians held hostage,” said John Williamson, a New […]

Senior bureaucrats managing problem-plagued Phoenix pay system received nearly $2M in bonuses

Feb 4 2021 — Tyler Dawson — Executives managing the federal government’s pay service for public servants, which has been plagued with problems for years, received nearly $2 million in bonuses and performance pay over the past five years, according to a government document. The Phoenix pay system, launched in 2016 under Stephen Harper’s government, was troubled from the start. While many […]

More than $636M in CERB benefits was paid to 300,000 teens between ages of 15 and 17: documents

Jan 28 2021 — Tyler Dawson — The federal government paid more than 300,000 teenagers, many of them high schoolers, nearly $636 million in benefits over the course of the CERB program, according to documents from the Canada Revenue Agency. The documents, obtained by Blacklock’s Reporter, an Ottawa online news outlet, show that thousands of teenagers between the ages of 15 and […]

Lawsuit by Sikh independence group alleges defamation by think tank and former CBC reporter

Dec 22 2020 — Tyler Dawson — Independence advocates Sikhs for Justice has filed a lawsuit against the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, an Ottawa-based think tank, and Terry Milewski, a former CBC reporter, alleging “an untrue and misleading report” Milewski authored for the policy group on Khalistan has damaged the reputation of the Sikh organization. Sikhs for Justice describes itself as a non-profit that […]