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‘There’s merit to it’: Former top Trudeau, Harper aides on centralizing power in the Prime Minister’s Office

Jun 28 2022 — Tyler Dawson — The demands of governing sometimes require stiff, centralized power, Gerald Butts and Ian Brodie told the crowd at Alberta Relaunch. The frequently criticized centralization of power within the Prime Minister’s Office is a necessary part of governing — regardless of who is in power — argued two former prime ministerial advisers, at an event in […]

As Jason Kenney’s leadership result was announced, tears for some, a sense of relief for others

May 21 2022 — Tyler Dawson — As the ballots were being counted to determine the fate of Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, it was clear early on that it was going to be a tight race. Party scrutineers, having surrendered their means of communication to the outside world, were there to oversee the process. Samantha Steinke, a northern Alberta constituency association president, […]