National Newswatch

Trudeau policies—an economically dangerous déjà vu

Jul 23 2022 — Tegan Hill and Jason Clemens — Increasing taxes, skyrocketing government debt, expanding regulations, soaring inflation and rising interest rates. You may think we’re describing Canada today, but in fact these were the policy decisions and circumstances that defined Pierre Trudeau’s tenure as prime minister in the 1970s and early 1980s, which eventually culminated in a near crisis. Unfortunately, Prime Minister Justin […]

More spending on public schools not producing better results in Ontario

Jan 29 2021 — Tegan Hill and Jason Clemens — Policymakers in Ontario often make the mistake of thinking that more spending on public education automatically means better results. In reality, despite relatively high and increasing levels of spending on public schools there has not been a commensurate boost in student performance. Simply put, more spending on public education doesn’t always mean better results, and […]

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