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After six years of slaughter and failure to act, Trump lets fly his Tomahawks out of the blue

Apr 7 2017 — Terry Glavin — The Kremlin is furious. The Khomeinists in Tehran are beside themselves. U.S. President Donald Trump’s alt-right fan base has joined leftish anti-imperialists in paroxysms of betrayal and outrage. Awkwardly, Chinese president Xi Jinping was Trump’s guest at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida when those 59 Tomahawk missiles were sent flying towards the Syrian airbase at […]

Enter the Freeland-Nazi conspiracy — and the amping-up of Russia’s mischief in Canada

Mar 8 2017 — Terry Glavin — It’s such a juicy story, isn’t it? Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s ambitious young foreign affairs minister, is secretly itching to draw Canada into a showdown with Russia because of the seething hatreds she inherited from her Ukrainian grandfather, a Nazi collaborator and war profiteer she never told us about. She’s been lying about her family’s sordid […]

The Tories approach a point of no return

Feb 16 2017 — Terry Glavin — There are quite a few lessons in civic hygiene that might be drawn from the jamboree of bigot-baiting and mob incitement attending to the shabbily-drafted but otherwise sensible Liberal motion on the contested subject of “Islamophobia” that has preoccupied the House of Commons this week.

It’s time for Justin Trudeau to do brave things

Jan 30 2017 — Terry Glavin — A terrorist atrocity at a mosque on Sainte-Foy Street in Quebec City was the most unlikely of ways for a weekend of global pandemonium ignited by the incompetent malevolence of U.S. President Donald Trump to have come to an end late Sunday night. Just as unlikely was the unintended role Prime Minister Justin Trudeau played […]

Trudeau shuffles his cabinet while the world burns

Jan 11 2017 — Terry Glavin — The main event on Tuesday was the abrupt replacement of the endearingly hapless Global Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion with International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland. Perhaps the most intelligent and capable of Trudeau’s ministers, Freeland is easily the best suited for the foreign affairs post. She was already chair of the cabinet committee on Canada-U.S. relations, […]

Breaking that electoral reform promise is dangerous in an unstable world, Liberals

Dec 7 2016 — Terry Glavin — There’s been a national electoral reform awareness-raising community dialogue tour, “meaningful consultations with Canadians” by means of town-hall meetings by the dozen, “safe, inclusive and respectful” powerpoint presentations, workshops, informal surveys, write-in polls and carefully-crafted national public opinion surveys. There have been 57 separate meetings of the Special Committee on Electoral Reform since June.

Trudeau’s turn from cool to laughing stock

Nov 27 2016 — Terry Glavin — It was bound to happen sooner or later. Ever since his election as Canada’s prime minister last October, Justin Trudeau has revelled in global tributes, raves and swoons. He’s the Disney prince with the trippy dance moves, the groovy Haida tattoo and the gender-balanced cabinet. He’s the last best hope for globalization, the star attraction […]

Beijing’s influence seeps into Canada

Oct 5 2016 — Terry Glavin — As a Canadian journalist working in Canada, Yuli Hu didn’t expect the sort of indignity she was obliged to endure last weekend after travelling from Toronto to Montreal to cover the triennial proceedings of the International Civil Aviation Organization, the agency representing 191 UN member states that sets worldwide airline safety standards. Hu had already […]

What you need to know about Maryam Monsef

Sep 29 2016 — Terry Glavin — After all the headlines, the chat show uproars, the demands for Maryam Monsef’s suspension from cabinet and a formal investigation, the lurid insinuation that she, the brightest young star in Justin Trudeau’s gender-balanced, ethnically diverse government, is and has been, all along, a fraud—what, exactly, is the result?

Strange days for the new Conservative party

Jun 1 2016 — Terry Glavin — For Fred Litwin, the 60-year-old Ottawa activist who is as deserving as anyone for the happy-aftermath credit going around now that the Conservative Party has formally reconciled itself with the rights of gay people to marry in Canada, it has been a long and strange journey. It was more than 10 years ago that the […]

It’s Trudeau’s utopia, we’re just living in it

May 18 2016 — Terry Glavin — It’s not just their adroitness in image-branding or the obvious advantage they would in any case enjoy over the effectively leaderless Opposition Conservatives and New Democrats, nor is it the Liberal toadies in the mainstream media that someone, somewhere, is always shouting about. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have definitely got something going on.

The British Left’s run-in with anti-semitism a stern warning for NDP

May 2 2016 — Terry Glavin — It’s known as the Livingstone Formulation. It’s a cunning rhetorical device routinely deployed to shield avowedly left-wing establishment figures from any scrutiny that might expose their “anti-Zionist” obsessions as redolent of a bigotry of that older and more unambiguously unsanitary type: antisemitism. It is the “how very dare you!” reflex as comically described by the […]

No-ransom policy on hostages a tough promise to keep

Apr 27 2016 — Terry Glavin — Following the horrible discovery of the severed head of Canadian hostage John Ridsdel in the heavily forested Sulu archipelago in the Philippines on Monday, there has been some properly clear and tough talk from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about how Canada never pays ransom to terrorist kidnappers. “Canada does not and will not pay ransom […]