National Newswatch

Donald Trump’s trash talk only helps the Liberals

Sep 27 2018 — Tim Harper — If you believe body language is the true indicator of relations between global leaders, there was much to analyze in an awkward moment between Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump at the United Nations this week. If you believe Trudeau has fumbled trade talks with Trump and is sprinting headlong into crippling auto tariffs, you saw […]

Justin Trudeau is hoist with his own pipeline

Aug 30 2018 — Tim Harper — It’s a rare — perhaps unprecedented — day when so many government priorities come crashing down or are badly bruised with one court decision. That was the case Thursday for the Justin Trudeau government when a Federal Court of Appeal brought the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline on the British Columbia coast to a […]

Don’t underestimate Maxime Bernier

Aug 23 2018 — Tim Harper — It would be tempting to dismiss Maxime Bernier as Kellie Leitch in a finely cut suit. It would be easy to ignore him as a rebel with a doomed cause or a narcissist who could not accept defeat, a failed Conservative leadership candidate so sure of victory he barely deigned to address the convention that […]

For Jagmeet Singh, a byelection bid without a net

Aug 8 2018 — Tim Harper — There is often a penchant among Canadian politicians and pundits to over-analyze byelection results and search too hard for tipping points or tectonic shifts that may be merely mirage. But this time, it cannot be overstated. The political future of Jagmeet Singh and the foreseeable fortunes of his federal NDP now sit with voters in […]

Trudeau’s Liberals cede ground to opponents on climate change

Aug 2 2018 — Tim Harper — The federal Liberals may be taking a pragmatic approach to its carbon tax plan by softening the blow to heavy emitters. We are, after all, living beside a U.S. president who once believed global warming was a plot hatched by the Chinese to hurt American business and is already wreaking economic havoc in some key […]

Bill Blair set to play good cop and bad cop

Jul 19 2018 — Tim Harper — Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna enjoyed herself at the Lauryn Hill concert in Toronto on Wednesday, and that was nice to know because many didn’t. She took to social media to tell us just that, but because acrimony between the Justin Trudeau government and the Doug Ford provincial government does not end at the Budweiser […]

Homegrown plants and cannabis T-shirts are no mountains to die on

Jun 14 2018 — Tim Harper — Justin Trudeau needs a win. The Liberal ledger of broken, under-delivered or endangered promises is growing. Electoral reform was simply tossed overboard for political expediency. A national climate pricing program has nothing but trouble ahead and confrontation over the nationalized Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is all but guaranteed.