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Consigning the Bob Rae monster to the pages of history

May 22 2018 — Tim Harper — “Pink Floyd” and the Clampetts. Rae Days and massive deficits. With Andrea Horwath’s NDP showing continued momentum in the Ontario election, is it time again for the Bob Rae monster to burst out of the bedroom closet at night? Will he do an encore as a scary apparition at the stroke of midnight around the […]

A Stephen Harper endorsement of Trump gives the Liberals a foreign policy opening

May 10 2018 — Tim Harper — Justin Trudeau has been working assiduously to invoke the ghost of Stephen Harper, but this week the ghost himself appeared, no Liberal conjuring needed. There was the former prime minister, in a full-page ad in The New York Times, offering a full-throated endorsement of Donald Trump, specifically the U.S. president’s widely-condemned decision to withdraw from […]

A good day for Parliament, a bad day for the church

May 1 2018 — Tim Harper — In this collision between church and state, the state scored an overwhelming victory. In fact, Tuesday was a good day for our members of Parliament. When MPs voted (nearly) unanimously to call on Pope Francis to issue a formal papal apology for the abuses at Catholic-run residential schools, they were shining a bright light on […]

Trudeau is in a pipeline box of his own making

Apr 10 2018 — Tim Harper — Sometimes leadership means recognizing that train in the distance is headed straight at you and doing something about it before you are forced to jump out of the way. For Justin Trudeau, the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion train has been bearing down on him and his government for close to a year, yet it has […]

Politicians beware, Canada’s millennial voting army is at the gates

Apr 5 2018 — Tim Harper — How to harness a ‘youthquake?’ Whichever party can divine a way to do that in next year’s federal election will form government, according to some ground breaking data on millennials being released this week by Abacus Data. For the first time, millennials will be the dominant voting block in a federal election in 2019. That’s […]

In praise of the (occasional) parliamentary filibuster

Mar 23 2018 — Tim Harper — Watching MPs rise to vote in the House of Commons at 2 a.m. is surely a port of call on any voyage of the damned. The parade of the “yays” and “nays.” Up. Down. The rhythm of the cadence from the clerk. “Mr. O’Regan, Mr. Sajjan, Madame Petitpas Taylor, Mr. Goodale, Madame Joly, Miss Freeland […]

The national ripple effect of a western pipeline fight

Feb 20 2018 — Tim Harper — The pipeline battle between British Columbia and Alberta cannot be confined to western Canada. There are national ramifications to this unseemly trade war that bear close scrutiny from all Canadians. Monday, B.C. Premier John Horgan said he would take Alberta to dispute settlement under the Canadian free trade agreement because Premier Rachel Notley has banned […]