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What the Throne Speech reactions tell us about party leaders

Dec 10 2019 — Thomas Mulcair — Justin Trudeau had it easy with the Throne Speech of his now minority government. Immediately after it had been delivered, Bloc Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet walked up to the microphones and said he was supporting it. His announcement involved no drama, but it did come with a bit of political elbowing: he said he could support […]

Meeting our international environmental obligations is key

Nov 27 2019 — Thomas Mulcair — Score one for Jason Kenney. Since last week, farmers have been faced with a shortage of propane needed to dry their crop, now freezing in the fields due to an early winter. The cause is the strike of railway workers that has held up deliveries. When Quebec Premier Francois Legault pleaded with Ottawa to enact […]

Military-only response to Russia is dangerous

Jul 12 2016 — Thomas Mulcair — Canada‚Äôs active participation in NATO is an important part of our multilateral approach on political, defence and security issues. However, the troop commitment recently announced by the Prime Minister is not a solution to the current dangerous standoff with Russia. Without a real plan for diplomatic and political engagement to resolve the crisis, it is […]