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As SNC-Lavalin affair simmered, Trudeau flew to Florida for a break

Mar 12 2019 — Tristin Hopper — As another round of SNC-Lavalin revelations broke over the weekend, Justin Trudeau was spotted taking a breather in a remote corner of Southwest Florida. “Canada’s prime minister, embroiled in a political scandal, is now escaping to Southwest Florida,” announced NBC 2, a local news affiliate who got exclusive word of the visiting national leader.

SNC-Lavalin: Did Justin Trudeau break the law?

Mar 5 2019 — Tristin Hopper — It’s increasingly clear that Canada isn’t particularly happy with Justin Trudeau for allegedly trying to interfere with the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin. As Jane Philpott said upon her resignation from cabinet on Monday, “the solemn principles at stake are the independence and integrity of our justice system.”

The Harper government passed a measure 13 years ago to catch Liberal scandals. It worked perfectly

Mar 2 2019 — Tristin Hopper — As the Liberal government descends into full-blown crisis, Conservatives could take some satisfaction that this is all happening in part because of a long-ago measure they implemented precisely to catch Liberal scandals. In 2006, one of the first actions of the new government of Stephen Harper was the Director of Public Prosecutions Act, a measure […]

How a killer sex attacker once deemed an eternal threat to Canadian society got parole anyway

Jan 22 2019 — Tristin Hopper — When violent rapist William Shrubsall received a rare indeterminate prison sentence in 2001, a Nova Scotia judge ruled that if he ever regained his freedom, the likely result would be more dead, injured and psychologically scarred women. There was no “realistic prospect of controlling the threat of dangerousness” from his re-entry into society, reads the […]

What’s really in that ‘dire’ new IPCC climate report

Oct 11 2018 — Tristin Hopper — A week after it came out, the newest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been received very much like the previous ones: Headlines and columns warning of the dire forecasts of the world’s scientists, environmentalists brandishing it as evidence of the need for radical action and a whole bunch of folks wondering […]

‘This has not been a good hour for Canada’: John Baird slams Trudeau government on Saudi state TV

Aug 14 2018 — Tristin Hopper — As Canada’s relationship with Saudi Arabia remains on the rocks, ex-foreign affairs minister John Baird appeared on Saudi state TV over the weekend to denounce the Trudeau government for its “gratuitous attack” on the Saudi regime. “For Canada to treat a friend and ally this way has been incredibly unhelpful,” Baird told the English-language arm […]

‘Canada is the world’s worst oppressor of women’: Saudi Arabia’s bizarre propaganda campaign

Aug 10 2018 — Tristin Hopper — A Saudi-owned TV channel claims that University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson is a Canadian prisoner of conscience. Within hours of Saudi Arabia expelling Canada’s ambassador, the country’s broadcasters and pro-government social media accounts ramped into high gear digging up dirt on its newest enemy. A recurring theme of Saudi attacks against Canada is “those […]

Proportional representation is only great for unelectable ‘professors,’ Jean Chretien says

Jun 4 2018 — Tristin Hopper — In a recent interview, former prime minister Jean Chretien railed against efforts to replace Canada’s current electoral system with proportional representation, calling it a way for “apparatchiks” to “enter Parliament through the back door.” “For all the professors who want to sit in Parliament but who can’t even get themselves elected dogcatcher, sure, it’s a […]

Stephen Harper spotted at an Ottawa McDonald’s — possibly where a 2014 brawl involving a raccoon took place

Apr 24 2018 — Tristin Hopper — In the latest instance of a surreal sighting of Stephen Harper in civilian life, on Monday the former prime minister was spotted awaiting his order at an Ottawa McDonald’s. “Ran into Stephen Harper at McDonald’s,” wrote Reddit user Pub_Raider in a Monday post accompanying the photo. Pub_Raider added that he did not address the former […]