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Could Alberta bring B.C. to its knees by shutting off the oil?

Feb 6 2018 — Tristin Hopper — Last week, B.C.’s provincial government announced an 11th hour series of provincial restrictions seemingly aimed at blocking construction of a federally approved $7.4-billion expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline. The move has sparked outrage from Alberta’s NDP government, and spurred promises of a blockade on imports of B.C. wine. In these tense times, a common […]

Andrew Scheer’s sex appeal: How the Tory leader stands up against two world-renowned political hunks

Oct 11 2017 — Tristin Hopper — Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is currently facing a scenario that is unknown in the centuries-long history of Westminster governments: Both his main rivals for power are internationally renowned symbols of glamour and virility. Just this week, for instance, newly minted NDP leader Jagmeet Singh was disparaging the luxurious hair of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by […]

Beware of ‘Canadian sensitivity’: Declassified documents reveal what the CIA really thinks about us

Jan 23 2017 — Tristin Hopper — Last week, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency released nearly one million declassified documents online. Spanning an era from the Second World War all the way to the 1990s, the release includes more than 12 million pages of briefings and top-secret cables giving a behind-the-scenes look at U.S. policy during the Cold War. And every once […]

‘Do you think Crazy Horse checked his warriors’ status cards?’ The fight over Joseph Boyden’s Indigenous heritage

Dec 27 2016 — Tristin Hopper — Following the explosive allegation questioning Canadian author Joseph Boyden’s Indigenous identity, debate surges in aboriginal circles over whether Boyden is really one of them. “Do you think Crazy Horse checked his warriors’ status cards before the Battle of the Little Bighorn?” read a fierce defence of Boyden posted to Facebook Monday by Maurice Switzer, a […]