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Party leaders putting party staffers in dicey position by taking wrong-smelling wage subsidy

May 27 2020 — Tim Powers — On the surface, it is symbolically stupid for Canadian political parties—including the federal Liberals, Conservatives, and New Democrats—to be claiming the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS). While they are eligible to receive this support because they are classified as not-for-profit organizations and therefore able to get assistance, it just smells wrong. Why? While this likely […]

Big ideas needed in CPC’s snoozefest of a leadership race

May 20 2020 — Tim Powers — A key date has been passed in the Conservative Party’s leadership race. Friday, May 15 was the last day for people to join the party to vote in the contest. Peter MacKay’s team claims to have out-done his competitors in signing people up. While it is hard to verify the accuracy of the campaign’s assertion, […]

Pausing CPC race was the right move, and campaigns should seize the chance to retool

Apr 1 2020 — Tim Powers — The Leadership Election Organization Committee (LEOC) of the Conservative Party eventually made the right decision last week in deciding to postpone the leadership vote originally scheduled for June 27. The official reasoning the party provided was that staff resources and logistical challenges made it impossible to continue. It is right the party is making the […]

Historica, Conservatives both come out okay in Heritage Minute dust-up

Feb 6 2019 — Tim Powers — You could be forgiven if those old Heritage Minutes, seen most often on that dated medium of television, had slipped into the recesses of your mind. Not unlike the vintage National Film Board vignettes, my personal favourite being The Log Driver’s Waltz, these stories generate some warmth in a sentimental Canadian heart. Now, they are […]

Why the Conservatives are whining about the media

Oct 31 2018 — Tim Powers — It is that time in the pre-election season when the framing for the next vote kicks into high gear. None of it is original but that doesn’t matter because, like the first snowfall, it seems to be all new, as if it never happened before. For a couple of weeks now, both the prime minister […]

Why Wernick’s story struck a chord: I’ve been there

Jul 4 2018 — Tim Powers — Good for you, Paul Wernick, for speaking out on your own personal mental health and wellness. Kudos also for challenging the norms of the work routine on Parliament Hill; it is brave of you to do so. Wernick recently gained attention for coming forward to speak about his health and the influence he believed the […]

Wynne’s concession isn’t brave, it’s a clumsy cop-out

Jun 6 2018 — Tim Powers — Kathleen Wynne’s election concession some five days before Ontarians vote in their June 7 provincial election was the latest bizarre twist in Ontario’s crazy year of politics. Some members of Wynne’s team are framing this as a great selfless act that will liberate local candidates from the premier’s current toxic brand, potentially giving some of […]