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Stéphane Dion is cabinet’s weakest link

Jun 22 2016 — Tim Powers — Parliament has risen for the summer. By and large, the Trudeau government will be happy with its performance and that of many members of the federal cabinet. There is, however, one dramatic exception: Stéphane Dion, the minister of foreign affairs. Dion is the weakest link in the Liberal regime. By all reports, Dion is a […]

My leadership advice to Kenney, MacKay: No matter how much sunshine got blown up your arse at the convention, decide for you and no one else

Jun 8 2016 — Tim Powers — Choosing to head up either of Canada’s two largest federal opposition parties is proving to be an unattractive or uncertain option for quite a few talented current or former politicians. And, frankly, who could blame them for not wanting to lead the Conservatives or NDP right now. It isn’t that Justin Trudeau is invincible come […]

I’d be shocked if the Liberals didn’t abandon electoral reform

Jun 1 2016 — Tim Powers — Last week, in between the duelling Liberal and Conservative policy conventions, Minister for Democratic Institutions Maryam Monsef gave us an important sense of the Liberal government’s fidelity to electoral reform. Foreshadowing—not much! In an interview with The Toronto Star she said any change to the way we elect people to go to Ottawa would require […]

Danger to Liberals comes from within

May 18 2016 — Tim Powers — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs to beware of brand confusion. It is a greater long-term threat to his political fortunes than the combined activities of the Conservatives and New Democrats, whose destabilizing efforts to date have been pretty feeble. Justin Trudeau helped create a potent modern Liberal Party of Canada brand. It is constructed in […]