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Here’s a bit of blunt feedback for Lisa MacLeod

Jul 8 2019 — Judith Timson — I keep hoping the tolerance for grossly inappropriate behaviour on the part of our politicians will evaporate to the point that any one of them who goes out in public and behaves in an unacceptable manner will lose their job. Sigh. In the age of Donald Trump and Doug Ford, how likely is that to […]

We need to talk about Kellie Leitch

Feb 1 2017 — Judith Timson — On Sunday night, only a few hours after the horrific mass murder of six Muslim men and the wounding of 19 others praying in a Quebec City mosque, controversial Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch tweeted the following: “Heartbreaking news out of Quebec City tonight. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims.” Normally this would […]