National Newswatch

Finance Minister Bill Morneau faces accusations of conflict of interest over pharmacare

Mar 2 2018 — Tonda MacCharles — Finance Minister Bill Morneau is again fending off accusations he is in a “perceived conflict of interest” on the newly promised national pharmacare program because of his previous ties to Morneau Shepell, a pension and benefits consulting firm. After first winning plaudits for Tuesday’s budget announcement that the Liberal government is looking to chart the […]

Freeland and Lighthizer’s secret Valentine’s Day meeting in Washington

Feb 15 2018 — Tonda MacCharles — Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland met unexpectedly with Donald Trump’s trade czar out of the public eye Wednesday, a meeting her office described as “cordial and constructive.” Freeland met with United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer at his office at the end of the afternoon on Wednesday in Washington, D.C. – a meeting his […]

Anti-abortion group takes Trudeau government to court

Jan 5 2018 — Tonda MacCharles — The Toronto Right to Life Association is taking the federal Liberal government to court over its decision to limit Canada Summer Jobs Program funding to groups whose “core mandate” respects charter rights, including the right to have an abortion, according to government officials. Two officials who spoke to the Star say the Liberal government hasn’t […]

Trudeau to name new Supreme Court judge

Nov 29 2017 — Tonda MacCharles — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will announce his selection for a vacant seat on Canada’s top court Wednesday. In an invitation sent to faculty and students at the University of Ottawa law school, Trudeau revealed he’ll name the person to fill the Supreme Court of Canada seat that, by tradition, has been held by a judge […]

Conservatives slam Trudeau as soft on terror as push for security changes begins

Nov 20 2017 — Tonda MacCharles — The Opposition says it will not support the Liberal bill to overhaul national security, with Conservatives ripping Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government as soft on terrorists in the face of returning Daesh fighters. The political attack by the Conservatives came as parliamentary debate finally got underway on Bill C59 – a massive security package introduced […]

Bill Morneau selling off stock holdings in family firm

Oct 31 2017 — Tonda MacCharles — Finance Minister Bill Morneau is in the process this week of selling all his and his family’s shares in Morneau Shepell, the company his father founded and together, over 25 years, they expanded. And his office says Morneau intends to donate not just any profits on the value of his shares since taking office, but […]

Questions raised about the ethics watchdog’s role in Morneau’s woes

Oct 27 2017 — Tonda MacCharles — No doubt, the finance minister, a multimillionaire, has baked himself a cowpie. But ethics watchdog Mary Dawson provided some of the ingredients. A poster at a children’s community centre hung over Bill Morneau’s shoulder Wednesday as he fielded reporters’ questions about ethics: “Life is what you bake it.” Unquestionably, Morneau, a multimillionaire, has baked himself […]

Trudeau defends Bill Morneau, saying ‘there is no conflict’ for finance minister

Oct 25 2017 — Tonda MacCharles — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says “there is no conflict of interest” in Bill Morneau’s role in approving a multi-million loan to Bombardier despite his holding shares in Morneau Shepell, which does pension work for the aerospace giant. Nevertheless, Morneau will proceed to sell those shares and meets with Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mary […]