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Conservatives slam Trudeau as soft on terror as push for security changes begins

Nov 20 2017 — Tonda MacCharles — The Opposition says it will not support the Liberal bill to overhaul national security, with Conservatives ripping Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government as soft on terrorists in the face of returning Daesh fighters. The political attack by the Conservatives came as parliamentary debate finally got underway on Bill C59 – a massive security package introduced […]

Bill Morneau selling off stock holdings in family firm

Oct 31 2017 — Tonda MacCharles — Finance Minister Bill Morneau is in the process this week of selling all his and his family’s shares in Morneau Shepell, the company his father founded and together, over 25 years, they expanded. And his office says Morneau intends to donate not just any profits on the value of his shares since taking office, but […]

Questions raised about the ethics watchdog’s role in Morneau’s woes

Oct 27 2017 — Tonda MacCharles — No doubt, the finance minister, a multimillionaire, has baked himself a cowpie. But ethics watchdog Mary Dawson provided some of the ingredients. A poster at a children’s community centre hung over Bill Morneau’s shoulder Wednesday as he fielded reporters’ questions about ethics: “Life is what you bake it.” Unquestionably, Morneau, a multimillionaire, has baked himself […]

Trudeau defends Bill Morneau, saying ‘there is no conflict’ for finance minister

Oct 25 2017 — Tonda MacCharles — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says “there is no conflict of interest” in Bill Morneau’s role in approving a multi-million loan to Bombardier despite his holding shares in Morneau Shepell, which does pension work for the aerospace giant. Nevertheless, Morneau will proceed to sell those shares and meets with Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mary […]

Bill Morneau dismisses objections to his participation in Bombardier loan discussions

Oct 25 2017 — Tonda MacCharles — Finance Minister Bill Morneau says he “of course” participated in government discussions around the decision to give Bombardier’s C Series and Global 7000 aircraft programs a $372.5-million repayable loan last winter. Morneau dismissed as absurd comments made to the Star by Opposition critics that he should have recused himself from those discussions since he continued […]

Trudeau downplays uncertainty about U.S. trade demands, while promoting Canada’s team

Sep 25 2017 — Tonda MacCharles — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau downplayed pessimistic assessments of NAFTA negotiations amid uncertainty and confusion about exactly how President Donald Trump wants to rewrite the free trade pact to boost American industries and resolve international trade disputes. At a news conference, Trudeau appeared to take a dig at the U.S. team’s failure to put forward specific […]

Canada pushes back decision on UN peace mission

Sep 13 2017 — Tonda MacCharles — Two years after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said “Canada is back” on the world stage, the federal Liberal government is preparing to host a major international peacekeeping conference but will not announce where it will deploy Canadian assets, the Star has learned. Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan said in an exclusive interview that the government has […]

Trudeau briefs cabinet on NAFTA, the economy

Sep 12 2017 — Tonda MacCharles — The federal Liberal government is not backing down from controversial proposals to close tax “loopholes,” proposals that have outraged small businesses, professional groups representing medical doctors, and some premiers. As the federal cabinet sat down at a retreat to work through priorities for the fall parliamentary sitting, it was clear the government is likely to […]

Former U.S. president Barack Obama to speak in Toronto

Sep 6 2017 — Tonda MacCharles — Former U.S. president Barack Obama will speak on global citizenship in Toronto on Sept. 29 at a time when all eyes are on his Oval Office successor, Donald Trump. Hosted by Canada 2020, a non-profit, left-leaning, Ottawa-based think-tank, Obama will speak at a lunchtime event at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It will be Obama’s […]

U.S. and Canada want NAFTA deal by end of year, Trump says

Sep 1 2017 — Tonda MacCharles — U.S. President Donald Trump, who threatened to walk away from NAFTA after complaining Canada and Mexico were being “difficult” at the negotiating table, now says he and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau agree on one thing: they both want a new NAFTA deal quickly. The White House released a statement saying Trump and Trudeau spoke Thursday […]

Bob Paulson accused of nepotism in final days as top Mountie

Jun 26 2017 — Tonda MacCharles — RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson is making “patronage appointments” and handing out “cashable leave” in moves that amount to favouring his friends as he goes out the door, a Carleton University criminologist alleges in a formal complaint to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale. Prof. Darryl Davies on Thursday wrote Goodale a letter, a copy of which […]