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Patrick Brown vows in video to end Canada’s ‘terrorist’ designation for Tamil Tigers

Apr 12 2022 — Tonda MacCharles — Conservative leadership candidate Patrick Brown says he will “lift the ban” on a designated terrorist organization known as the Tamil Tigers, open up immigration to “any Tamil family that wants to come to Canada” and, as prime minister, would apologize for Canada’s failure to help Tamil refugees as it has Ukrainians or the Vietnamese boat […]

Putin will pay for ‘war crimes he’s committed in Ukraine,’ Justin Trudeau says

Mar 9 2022 — Tonda MacCharles — Canada and European leaders condemned Russia’s bombing of a Ukrainian maternity hospital as an atrocity. And Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Russian President Vladimir Putin would be held accountable by the International Criminal Court for “war crimes he’s committed in Ukraine.” Trudeau made the comment after delivering a foreign policy speech in Berlin on the […]

Justin Trudeau’s political opponents demand more aid for Ukraine

Mar 1 2022 — Tonda MacCharles — Canada’s opposition lawmakers are backing the Liberal government’s response to the crisis in Ukraine, for now, but their calls for further action hint at political fault lines that could crack that united front. Conservative Interim Leader Candice Bergen told the Commons during a parliamentary debate Monday night that the Official Opposition “fully supports the actions […]

Ukraine wants weapons and more soldiers from Canada

Jan 21 2022 — Tonda MacCharles — As international talks to quell Russia-Ukraine tensions ended Friday with no clear shift away from looming conflict, Ukraine made clear it wants the Canadian government to do more, including send weapons and more military personnel, even as it accepted a $120-million loan offered by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau told reporters he is looking at […]

Justin Trudeau says he is staying out of the fight over Quebec’s Bill 21 — for now

Dec 13 2021 — Tonda MacCharles — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he won’t immediately intervene in Quebec’s debate over Bill 21 because he doesn’t want the Quebec government to politically weaponize any federal intervention. At a news conference in Ottawa, Trudeau offered the first clear explanation about why his Liberal government has adopted a hands-off approach to a provincial law that […]

An exhausted diplomat and two ecstatic ex-hostages: Inside the emotional flight that brought the ‘two Michaels’ home

Dec 7 2021 — Tonda MacCharles — Canada’s outgoing ambassador to China, Dominic Barton, was running on about three hours’ sleep when he finally climbed aboard a plane in Tianjin. It was Saturday morning in China, still Friday night in Canada. On board were the “two Michaels” — Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor — free at last and en route home — […]

Canada adds 3 countries to Omicron travel ban

Nov 30 2021 — Tonda MacCharles — Canada is adding Nigeria, Malawi and Egypt to the list of African countries from which it is banning travellers amid concerns about the spread of COVID-19’s Omicron variant. The Star has confirmed the latest additions to the previous list of seven countries from which travellers will not be admitted to Canada, which was announced on […]