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An exhausted diplomat and two ecstatic ex-hostages: Inside the emotional flight that brought the ‘two Michaels’ home

Dec 7 2021 — Tonda MacCharles — Canada’s outgoing ambassador to China, Dominic Barton, was running on about three hours’ sleep when he finally climbed aboard a plane in Tianjin. It was Saturday morning in China, still Friday night in Canada. On board were the “two Michaels” — Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor — free at last and en route home — […]

Canada adds 3 countries to Omicron travel ban

Nov 30 2021 — Tonda MacCharles — Canada is adding Nigeria, Malawi and Egypt to the list of African countries from which it is banning travellers amid concerns about the spread of COVID-19’s Omicron variant. The Star has confirmed the latest additions to the previous list of seven countries from which travellers will not be admitted to Canada, which was announced on […]

‘I’m not Justin Trudeau. I’ve lived a different life’: Jagmeet Singh slams the Liberal leader’s record on Indigenous reconciliation

Aug 20 2021 — Tonda MacCharles — It was perhaps the first unscripted moment of humanity in the first week of the 2021 federal election campaign as three federal leaders swung out West in the hunt for votes. At Cowessess First Nation in Saskatchewan where NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh made an impassioned pledge to fight for “justice” for Indigenous people, the soon-to-be […]

Mahmud Jamal ‘humbled’ by top court nomination, says he’ll approach it with ‘no agenda’

Jun 22 2021 — Tonda MacCharles — Justice Mahmud Jamal, set to become the first racialized Supreme Court of Canada judge, says his historic appointment is a “statistical improbability” that doesn’t feel “real” yet. Over the course of a two-hour virtual appearance at a joint parliamentary committee, Jamal introduced himself to Canadians as the child of an Ismaili Muslim immigrant family who […]

The Catholic Church should share records on residential school burials — or Canada might take it to court, Justin Trudeau says

Jun 5 2021 — Tonda MacCharles — After a week of national grieving at the discovery of the unmarked graves of 215 children at the site of a former residential school in Kamloops, the federal government is still leaving the power to find Canada’s lost and missing children in the hands of the Catholic Church. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged Friday that […]

Ottawa releases action plan to fight the scourge of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls

Jun 3 2021 — Tonda MacCharles — The federal Liberal government released Thursday a long-delayed action plan to address the scourge of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls that pledged to reopen unresolved cases, to create a nationwide emergency number, more housing and shelters, more healing programs for victims and their families, along with training, data collection and justice reforms. Prime […]

Justin Trudeau won’t commit, but a top health adviser says Canada will need an inquiry into its pandemic response

May 16 2021 — Tonda MacCharles — A post-pandemic review of how Canada handled the health disaster should be led by international experts and should look at both federal and provincial gaps, says a leading doctor who is working closely with the federal government on its COVID-19 response. Dr. David Naylor, a behind-the-scenes adviser to the federal Liberal government as co-chair of […]

Documents reveal the Trudeau government warned Donald Trump not to cut off Canada’s supply of critical COVID-19 masks — or else

Mar 10 2021 — Tonda MacCharles — At the height of the global scramble for critical COVID-19 medical supplies like N95 masks and ventilators, Justin Trudeau’s government privately warned the Trump administration not to go down a protectionist road. Or else. New documents show the Liberals warned the U.S. that if it did, important Canadian exports to the U.S. would also be […]