National Newswatch

Maxime Bernier makes Andrew Scheer appear middle-of-the-road

Aug 14 2019 — Tom Mulcair — Remember Maxwell Smart, Agent 86? The show Get Smart was called Max la Menace in French, and that’s the nickname by which I’ve good-naturedly called Maxime Bernier whenever we see each other. He has stated that he hopes to be a threat to Andrew Scheer in the next election. That may backfire on him. Our […]

Pipeline projects need rigorous review process

Dec 5 2014 — Tom Mulcair — Canada’s natural resources are a tremendous blessing and, managed properly and sustainably, can be important drivers for our economy. This is particularly true of the energy sector. But instead of guiding our energy policy in the best interest of Canadian jobs, the economy and the environment, Stephen Harper’s government has gutted assessments and reviews and […]

The throne speech will be Harper’s last chance to get it right

Sep 29 2013 — Tom Mulcair — The Speech from the Throne is a most paradoxical event: an opportunity for renewal, steeped in tradition as old as Parliament itself. The Usher of the Black Rod banging on the doors of the House of Commons, the slow procession past portraits of former prime ministers, the lavish confines of the Upper Chamber. The pomp and […]