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MPs score $3,300 pay hike

May 1 2019 — Tim Naumetz — Members of Parliament received a pay hike this month that many of their constituents might envy. The $3,300 increase on April 1 took their basic salary to $178,900 for 2019, a jump of nearly two per cent from $175,600 last year. It was an automatic yearly adjustment, based on a government aggregate of private and […]

Liberals raise nearly $1 million amid brewing SNC-Lavalin affair

Apr 3 2019 — Tim Naumetz — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and members of his cabinet raised more than $882,950 in contributions to the Liberal party during 14 exclusive fundraisers held between the beginning of the year and March 14, according to the first accounting from a new reporting regime under Elections Canada. While Trudeau and several of his top ministers appeared […]

Elections Canada preps for spring vote as MPs set deadline for new law

Sep 27 2018 — Tim Naumetz — Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer has revealed that the federal elections agency intends to be ready for an election by next April, five months before the fixed election date for 2019. Chief Electoral Officer Stéphane Perrault outlined the timetable as he informed a Commons committee this week that a sweeping bill to overhaul the Canada Elections […]

PM directs LeBlanc to use “full” federal power in internal trade talks

Aug 28 2018 — Tim Naumetz — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has mandated Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc to work toward an end to trade barriers in Canada with the use of “a full exercising” of federal jurisdiction over trade and commerce. The instruction is contained in a mandate letter Trudeau released Tuesday that gives LeBlanc responsibility for a vast array of […]

Handgun ownership soared after long-gun registry ended, gun crime followed

Jul 31 2018 — Tim Naumetz — Handgun ownership in Canada soared between 2012 to 2016 after the former Harper government’s high-profile destruction of the federal long-gun registry. Handguns registered to individuals climbed 38 per cent from 485,801 in 2012 – the year the Conservative government’s Ending the Long Gun Registry Act took effect – to 673,201 in 2016. During roughly the […]

Liberals blink as government tries to rush election bill through Parliament

Jun 4 2018 — Tim Naumetz — The Liberal government has blinked in the face of criticism that its timetable for Commons committee scrutiny of a massive bill that would transform Canada’s federal election law is too short. Even before the committee cancelled witnesses Monday afternoon because of unexpected voting in the Commons, the Liberals withdrew a proposal that would have ended […]

Goodale rejects gun petition from firearms lobbyist linked to Michelle Rempel

May 23 2018 — Tim Naumetz — Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale has formally rejected an unusual petition launched by a gun coalition calling for a requirement that all members of Goodale’s public advisory committee on firearms obtain gun licences. The e-petition was sponsored in the Commons last year by Conservative MP Michelle Rempel. Rempel recently found herself in a sticky spot […]

Angry Conservative MPs bring question period to noisy halt

Apr 26 2018 — Tim Naumetz — Commons Speaker Geoff Regan temporarily suspended the House sitting Thursday after angry Conservatives erupted when Regan cut off questions from Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre. The uproar broke out after Poilievre ignored a request from Regan to cease waving a government document on carbon taxes in the air as he argued the paper had been stripped […]

Liberal MP Neil Ellis hospitalized

Apr 18 2018 — Tim Naumetz — MP Neil Ellis was rushed to hospital from his Parliament Hill office Tuesday evening. Liberal caucus whip Pablo Rodriquez was unable to provide details after confirming the first-term Ontario MP had experienced a significant medical event. ‘’There was an issue that occurred which involved one individual only and it was a result of a medical […]

Gun bill battle grows after ‘Canada’s NRA’ reference in Liberal fundraiser

Apr 12 2018 — Tim Naumetz — A national coalition of gun owners is furious after Liberal party disclosed the advocacy group referenced in a Liberal fundraising email blitz over government gun-control legislation last month was “Canada’s NRA.” As firearm owner reaction to the bill grows, the popularity of a Commons E-Petition attacking the legislation suggests the battle over the firearm initiative […]

Qualtrough leads cabinet in electoral district hospitality spending

Apr 4 2018 — Tim Naumetz — Procurement and Public Services Minister Carla Qualtrough spent the most of the $77,700 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet laid out for hospitality from their MP office budgets last year. Qualtrough led the pack for the period of April through December 2017, primarily because of two large receptions for voters in her Delta, B.C. […]

Liberal fundraising emails claim Tories side with “Canada’s NRA”

Mar 21 2018 — Tim Naumetz — The Liberal party says Conservatives are “taking orders from Canada’s NRA” in a fundraising email blitz that says the government’s new gun bill contains measures to crack down on illegal handguns and assault weapons. The email listed several measures in the bill, including more rigorous background checks for handgun and semi-automatic rifle licences. But the […]