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PM interference in prosecution is grounds for resignation

Feb 10 2019 — Tom Brodbeck — It’s hard to imagine the Trudeau government’s recent criminal code amendment, the one designed to shield large corporations from prosecution in fraud and corruption cases, was not made specifically with Quebec-based SNC-Lavelin in mind. After all, the multinational engineering giant had been lobbying the federal government and waging a well-funded public relations campaign for months […]

Trudeau hooks “conservative” Premier Brian Pallister

Sep 13 2018 — Tom Brodbeck — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he’s happy Premier Brian Pallister is moving ahead with a Manitoba carbon tax. Of course he is. He just snookered Pallister into bringing in his own provincial tax and got him to endorse a Liberal plan most provinces are now rejecting. The prime minister, who made a stop in Winnipeg […]

Manitoba Tory money management underwhelms so far

Dec 23 2016 — Tom Brodbeck — To say the first six months of the Pallister government’s handling of the province’s finances has been a disappointment would be an understatement. Instead of chipping away at a core deficit of $865 million inherited from the former NDP government, the Tories have grown the shortfall to $930 million (the $1-billion deficit reported this week […]

Manitona Tories head down same old road NDP did

Jun 2 2016 — Tom Brodbeck — Premier Brian Pallister and Finance Minister Cameron Friesen claim the Tories have set government on a “new course” towards controlling spending and getting the province’s finances under control. Those are good political sound bytes, but nothing could be further from the truth. Overall spending in the Tories’ budget introduced Tuesday is up a staggering 5.2%, […]

Tory is the new orange in spendthrift Manitoba budget

May 31 2016 — Tom Brodbeck — Despite an election campaign pledge by the Manitoba Tories to clean up the financial mess left behind by the outgoing NDP government, the Pallister government unveiled a budget Tuesday that contains some of the biggest spending increases in recent years in Manitoba. It was a remarkable departure from the pledges made on the campaign trail […]

Orange, crushed – NDP lies and smears didn’t fly with voters

Apr 20 2016 — Tom Brodbeck — The lies didn’t work. The smear campaigns and U.S.-style attack ads didn’t work. The attempts to scare seniors, home care clients and teachers didn’t work, either. The election results are now in and it’s clear Manitobans saw through the toxic approach the New Democratic Party took in this election campaign, including party leader Greg Selinger’s […]

Pollster predicts Manitoba Tory ‘mega majority’

Apr 15 2016 — Tom Brodbeck — Manitoba’s Progressive Conservatives are looking at a landslide victory Tuesday and the incumbent NDP could be facing its worst electoral defeat since the late 1980s, a new Mainstreet/Postmedia poll shows. The Tories now have 57% support among decided voters, their highest number since Mainstreet began regular pre-election polling in January, according to Friday’s poll. The […]

NDP support reaches lowest level since 1988

Jan 10 2016 — Tom Brodbeck — If the Selinger government was looking for a bump in the polls after a mind-boggling number of spending and other announcements last week, they didn’t get one. In fact, the NDP – with just over three months before the April 19 provincial election – are now at their lowest level of support since their crushing […]

Former MP Fletcher to seek provincial nom

Nov 28 2015 — Tom Brodbeck — Former Conservative MP Steven Fletcher is planning to run for the Manitoba Tories in the April 2016 provincial election, the Winnipeg Sun has learned. Fletcher, who lost his Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia-Headingley seat in October’s federal election, is planning to seek the Progressive Conservative nomination in the provincial riding of Assiniboia, Tory sources have confirmed.

Trudeau’s economic claims just not truthful

Oct 6 2015 — Tom Brodbeck — Liberal leader Justin Trudeau continued his bogus claims over the weekend, with a fresh round of TV ads, that Canada’s middle class is losing ground economically, that jobs are disappearing and that earnings are frozen. In fact, Statistics Canada data clearly shows the opposite, including a middle class whose net worth has grown faster than […]

Mulcair’s nanny-state agenda

Sep 4 2015 — Tom Brodbeck — NDP leader Tom Mulcair’s vow to expand mandatory contributions to the Canada Pension Plan is just the beginning of what Canadians can expect from the NDP’s nanny-state agenda if they form government. The question is, are Canadians ready for it? Mulcair announced Thursday that if the NDP wins the Oct. 19 election, his party will […]

Violence against women shouldn’t be distinguished by race

Aug 24 2014 — Tom Brodbeck — The killing of one aboriginal woman, or anybody else, is one too many. But according to an RCMP report released earlier this year, the number of murdered aboriginal women in Canada per capita has dropped 41% from 1996 to 2011. You’d hardly know it, with ongoing calls for a national inquiry and claims the problem […]

Anti-Harper crowd off base in health care debate

Mar 27 2014 — Tom Brodbeck — When the anti-Stephen Harper crowd — including the partisan-driven Canadian Health Coalition and its union partners — launch the National Day of Action for a New Health Accord next week, someone should tell them the feds already have a new health accord with the provinces that includes generous, long-term funding and a commitment to the […]