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Conservatives need to put people first, not politics

Apr 29 2020 — Tom Mulcair — My Uncle Bert, one of the nicest people I’ve ever known, died on Sunday from COVID-19. My cousin wrote to us all to explain that he’d caught the horrid disease in his long-term care centre and was sent to hospital with no chance of recovery. On Monday, an old friend wrote to say her mom […]

Getting it right

Mar 30 2020 — Tom Mulcair — The G20 met last week by teleconference against a backdrop of world economic collapse and social calamity, and nothing happened. It’s trite to say that we are into uncharted territory but, essentially, that’s where we are. There’s no roadmap, no Harvard case study to call upon, no reference.

Bill 21 could prove decisive for voters even out of Quebec

Oct 8 2019 — Tom Mulcair — Justin Trudeau used his willingness to at least consider challenging Quebec’s discriminatory Bill 21 to good effect in last night’s English language debate. He boasted that he was the only person on the stage willing to consider intervening to challenge that law. He’s gone from extreme hesitation and a refusal to do anything during last […]

It’s time for Elizabeth May to up her game

Aug 21 2019 — Tom Mulcair — Elizabeth May is by far the most experienced party leader in this campaign. She has been hammering home variations on the same themes for decades as an activist and as a politician. She can emote with the best of them. Because she has, for most of that time, been a one-woman show, she’s never developed […]

NDP knows value of hard work

Aug 30 2015 — Tom Mulcair — When I was growing up, my parents taught me a lot about living by key values. Solidarity. Hard work. Selflessness. Working together and helping each other. Those values drive me every day as I fight for affordable childcare, good jobs and retirement security for Canadian families. My parents taught me the value of hard work. […]

Cities key to middle-class jobs

Jun 29 2015 — Tom Mulcair — When Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP swept to victory this spring, they did with a broad coalition of urban, suburban and rural citizens. But nowhere did Albertans respond more enthusiastically to the NDP’s message of change than in the province’s largest cities. Premier Notley and her amazing team won every single seat in Edmonton, […]

Canadians want balanced and principled approach to Mideast conflict

Aug 11 2014 — Tom Mulcair — Nearly a month of sustained violence in Gaza and Israel has galvanized the world’s attention. As we watch images of Palestinian civilians suffering and dying, and Israeli civilians living in fear of rockets, no one can remain unmoved by a conflict that has killed thousands and left millions more living in fear for their safety. […]

There’s nothing fair about the federal Fair Elections Act

Mar 7 2014 — Tom Mulcair — It should come as no surprise that Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have unilaterally decided to go after Elections Canada in their latest attempt to “strengthen” our democracy. After all, in every election in which Harper has run for prime minister, there has been a serious conflict between his Conservative Party and Elections Canada over broken electoral […]