National Newswatch

Legault reverting to age-old sport of Anglo-bashing

May 17 2022 — Tom Mulcair — Stirring resentment against others isn’t exactly new in politics. Today we’re likely to call it “populism.” It leads to things like Trump’s Muslim ban. It can also incite people who espouse racist “replacement” theories to carry out violent acts. This is some of the most vile politics there is. Historically, people of character have stood […]

Trudeau’s hopeless performance on environment is not unique

Apr 19 2022 — Tom Mulcair — A series of anti-environment decisions by the Trudeau government have left many Canadians wondering who’s on the side of future generations. In Canada, the short answer is: communities, localities, regions, towns and cities. The feds and most provinces, simply don’t have the political will to do the right thing. That’s why they keep failing. They […]

Justin Trudeau is starting to apply the Macron formula

Jan 11 2022 — Tom Mulcair — As Canadians enter the third year of the pandemic, our fragile health system is beginning to buckle under the weight of the unvaccinated. People who have chosen to refuse a free, effective vaccine are getting sick in record numbers with the Omicron variant and our overcrowded hospitals are unable to cope. As a direct consequence, […]

Climate looms large on list of Trudeau’s broken promises

Aug 10 2021 — Tom Mulcair — Canadians are getting ready to go to the polls for the second time in less than two years, and the result will have a determining effect on the economy, the environment and social programs. Justin Trudeau has followed the pattern of previous Liberal governments: governing by polling and focus groups, and achieving very little in […]

Will anyone in Ottawa stand up to Legault?

Jul 14 2021 — Tom Mulcair — Keep an eye on which federal party leader might have the courage to finally break away from the pack mentality and defend minority rights. In the run-up to the election, the federal political parties have been falling over each other trying to be the first in line to kiss François Legault’s ring. That gives the […]

Now, Justin is the Trudeau we’re watching

Oct 6 2020 — Tom Mulcair — Fifty years ago, Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s Liberal government suspended rights and freedoms and close to 500 innocent Canadians were rounded up and jailed without so much as an accusation, never mind a trial. Thousands of others had their houses ransacked without a warrant. Trudeau imposed the War Measures Act in the wake of the kidnapping […]

Quebec puts the heat back on Trudeau

Sep 21 2020 — Tom Mulcair — The Legault government has pushed the language file onto the front burner and it’s Justin Trudeau’s Liberals who have to be careful not to get singed. Any port in a storm. The abject incompetence of the Quebec government in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has seen it search for any distraction and debating language laws […]

Conservatives need to put people first, not politics

Apr 29 2020 — Tom Mulcair — My Uncle Bert, one of the nicest people I’ve ever known, died on Sunday from COVID-19. My cousin wrote to us all to explain that he’d caught the horrid disease in his long-term care centre and was sent to hospital with no chance of recovery. On Monday, an old friend wrote to say her mom […]

Getting it right

Mar 30 2020 — Tom Mulcair — The G20 met last week by teleconference against a backdrop of world economic collapse and social calamity, and nothing happened. It’s trite to say that we are into uncharted territory but, essentially, that’s where we are. There’s no roadmap, no Harvard case study to call upon, no reference.