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Only Justin Trudeau can stop the bleeding

Mar 4 2019 — Toronto Star — Only Justin Trudeau can fix this now. No one else but the prime minister himself can stem the damage being done to his government in the unfolding SNC-Lavalin affair. So far the prime minister has failed to present a robust counter-narrative to the damning story about political interference in judicial matters told by his former […]

Justin Trudeau must clear the air on SNC-Lavalin

Feb 7 2019 — Toronto Star — There’s one person who could credibly deny the suggestion that Jody Wilson-Raybould was pressured by the Prime Minister’s Office to intervene in the prosecution of the engineering giant SNC-Lavalin while she was justice minister. And that, of course, is Jody Wilson-Raybould herself.

Can 2017 be worse for female politicians than 2016?

Dec 28 2016 — Toronto Star — 2016 dawned promisingly for female politicians. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had just named Canada’s first gender-parity cabinet, “because it’s 2015.” And for the first time in history it seemed probable, not just possible, that a woman would be elected president of the United States. But somehow, it all went terribly wrong. Instead of women making […]

High time for Trudeau Liberals to stop cash-for-access

Nov 22 2016 — Toronto Star — Drip, drip, drip. That’s the sound of the Trudeau government’s reputation for integrity being eroded by a steady trickle of revelations about cash-for-access fundraisers. The latest one involves the prime minister himself, who was the featured attraction at a $1,500-a-ticket Liberal party fundraising event last May attended by wealthy Chinese-Canadian and Chinese business people. The […]

Trudeau government deserves credit for getting rid of coal

Nov 21 2016 — Toronto Star — The Trudeau government has taken important steps to assert Canadian leadership on environmental issues after years of neglect under the Harper government. It played a key role in negotiating the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change, and in October it announced it will impose a national price on carbon starting in 2018. Now it plans […]

Keep the public trust

Aug 19 2016 — Toronto Star — For $1,700, you could fly to London, Paris or Rome. Unfortunately, federal Health Minister Jane Philpott got only as far as the GTA in her one-day limousine trip between Markham, Hamilton and Toronto last March. And she left a generous tip of $223.

Mike Duffy cleared, but Harper PMO feels the judge’s lash

Apr 21 2016 — Toronto Star — By the end of Sen. Mike Duffy’s spectacular trial it was former prime minister Stephen Harper’s manipulative Conservative government, not Duffy, that felt the sting of a judge’s contempt. And rightly so. Ontario Court Justice Charles Vaillancourt spared no scorn for the sordid machinations of the defunct Harper government and its “mind-boggling” bullying and deviousness […]

Give CBC the support it needs

Jul 23 2015 — Toronto Star — Charting the future of the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. — or any other public broadcaster — is tricky business, in an era of Netflix, Internet-delivered TV and upwards of 200 channels on the average family’s satellite or cable package. Even the venerable and generously funded British Broadcasting Corp. is undergoing a “root and branch” review of […]

Rona Ambrose needs to chill out over reefer brownies

Jun 14 2015 — Toronto Star — Good grief. What on earth has federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose been nibbling? Steroid-laced Alberta cheeseburgers? She certainly hasn’t been chowing down on soothing cannabis cookies. Her dyspeptic reaction to the Supreme Court’s ruling this past week legalizing reefer brownies and Mary Jane tisanes raised more eyebrows than a whiff of skunk at a church […]

Ontario’s gas plant scandal will dog Kathleen Wynne

Mar 28 2014 — Toronto Star — If it wasn’t clear before Thursday, it’s crystal clear now: Premier Kathleen Wynne and her government will carry the fallout of the $1.1-billion gas plant fiasco into the next election. The revelation that police are considering breach of trust charges against the chief of staff of her predecessor, Dalton McGuinty, guarantees that.  

What’s in Pierre Poilievre’s secret transition document?

Mar 23 2014 — Toronto Star — What is in the transition document Pierre Poilievre was given upon taking over the federal government’s Democratic Reform portfolio – and why is the government dead set on keeping it secret? After nearly six months of evasions, and under threat of a reprimand from the information commissioner, the feds have finally agreed to share the […]

Rebuilding trust after a year of scandal

Jan 6 2014 — Toronto Star — Senators’ profligate spending, an apparent cover-up in the Prime Minister’s Office, the unsettling unknowns of the robocalls affair, the ever-rising estimated cost of the cancelled Ontario gas plants and a possible cover-up there, too. Not to mention the buffoonery, incompetence and crack-smoking that gave Toronto and our mayor new world-prominence. As Torontonians look back at […]

Canada’s spy agencies need tighter control

Dec 29 2013 — Toronto Star — Canada’s top spy agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), deliberately kept the Federal Court “in the dark” about plans to enlist foreign spy agencies to eavesdrop on Canadians abroad, when it applied for top secret warrants to intercept their communications. That chilling ruling from Justice Richard Mosley, one of the country’s most respected security […]