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All the reasons Trudeau should think twice about an election

Jul 21 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — RISKY BUSINESS — Ask a seasoned pol about the chances of an election this fall, and the word inevitable is on the tip of their tongue (as Corridors explored earlier this summer). But campaign vets slap a majority-sized asterisk on any talk of a vote. Every election call, says anyone who’s run the gauntlet, risks […]

Everyone’s promising a million jobs

Jul 14 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — VROOM VROOM — A federal party insider tells POLITICO campaign buses are getting ready to go. Liberal spokesperson Braeden Caley poured cold water over the hot goss (but didn’t deny the details): “We don’t comment on the specifics of election readiness preparations, but whenever the next campaign arrives, we’ll always be ready to take our […]

Why an election is definitely probably in the offing

Jul 7 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — ABOUT THAT ELECTION — There are subtler ways to make history than to stage an event at the Canadian Museum of History across the river from Parliament Hill, but that’s where Justin Trudeau introduced Mary Simon as Canada’s next governor general. Trudeau likes to make a splash. In case the symbolism wasn’t obvious, the PM’s […]

How should Canadians mark Canada Day?

Jun 30 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Welcome to Corridors. I’m your host, Nick Taylor-Vaisey. In today’s edition, serious reflection on how Canadians should mark their national holiday on Thursday. The Senate makes quick work of two Liberal priorities and deliberately slows progress on two others. Catherine McKenna leaves politics on her own terms, and the PM and POTUS make a friendly […]

A call to arms

Feb 4 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Inside Canada’s impossibly high-stakes rush to lock down tens of millions of doses of the most sought-after product on Earth. When Agnes Mills was a young teenager, she battled tuberculosis for three years in a hospital in Aklavik, a remote hamlet nestled in the Mackenzie River delta north of the Arctic Circle. She contracted the […]

The long wait for rent relief, and what went wrong with Ottawa’s business rescue plan

May 20 2020 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Two weeks after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled a rent relief program designed to bail out small businesses across Canada, there was still no application portal and several provinces offered slightly different stories about the status of the agreement they’d hammered out with Ottawa. Trudeau’s announcement came on April 24. By May 8, a source […]

A made-in-Canada solution to the coronavirus outbreak?

Feb 25 2020 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Fifteen years ago, a medical researcher named Michel Chrétien and his longtime collaborator Majambu Mbikay, a Congolese scientist, unhatched a theory in their Montreal laboratory. In the aftermath of the SARS epidemic that infected 8,000 patients in 26 countries, Chrétien and Mbikay, researchers at the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal (IRCM), began testing their idea […]

Rideau Hall’s harassment levels are still among the worst in the public service

Jan 16 2020 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — One of the first internal evaluations of Governor General Julie Payette’s performance at Rideau Hall gave the former astronaut and rookie public servant a poor score. In 2018, the federal government’s annual Public Service Employee Survey—a probe of bureaucrats’ workplace experience, filled out by more than 160,000 federal workers—raised alarm bells about an apparent harassment […]

Jerry Dias wants to make an enemy out of Andrew Scheer

Aug 22 2019 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Jerry Dias, the president of Canada’s largest private-sector union, spent the first two years of his mandate at Unifor fighting a federal government he openly accused of attacking unions. Dias has spent the last few years opposite a Liberal government that wasn’t only friendlier, but even invited him into its inner circle during NAFTA renegotiations. […]

How a bill becomes law—when SNC-Lavalin pulls the strings

Aug 16 2019 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Sixty-seven times a day, typically somewhere in Ottawa, a lobbyist has met a federal official in 2019. The first six months of the year saw 12,219 such meetings, according to lobbying commission data. But most of the folks trying to persuade power brokers will take what they can get. They don’t have two former Supreme […]

Unhappy times at Rideau Hall

Jul 4 2019 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Of all the departments, agencies and branches of the federal government, the Governor General’s service looks, from the outside at least, among the most idyllic—a bastion of decorum, tradition, and ceremony. But the latest edition of the government’s annual Public Service Employee Survey—a massive probe of bureaucrats’ workplace experience, filled out by more than 160,000 […]