National Newswatch

Who’s who in the backrooms

Mar 11 2022 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — JEAN CHAREST is officially in. We have senior campaign staff for both major declared campaigns. We have budget speculation. And we have Playbook Virtual Trivia Night final results. Scroll to the bottom for the winners!

Five doors for Tory voters

Mar 4 2022 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Today is Friday. We offer five doors for Conservative Party members who are considering their leadership options. (There may be more, or fewer, when the April application deadline comes and goes.) Also, we talk about space!

The Peace Tower’s last song

Feb 23 2022 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — It’s an eerie time on the Hill, what with all the police checkpoints barring anyone who doesn’t have official business from entering a secure zone. But amidst the silence, anyone within earshot of the Peace Tower at 12 o’clock will hear a dose of aural history.

Running on empty

Jan 31 2022 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — It’s Monday, which means the House of Commons is in session and trucks are clogging downtown streets. We get into what it all means, and also unveil a Trudeau Power Matrix that charts the biggest influencers on the Hill.

The next parliamentary battleground

Jan 7 2022 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — TGIF after your first week back from holidays. Today we’re looking into our crystal ball and predicting rancorous, acrimonious, argumentative committee meetings in the very near future. Plus ça change in Ottawa, right?

Most bureaucrats just got a new boss

Jan 6 2022 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Today, most public servants in town work for someone new after the PM’s latest reordering of power in the nation’s capital. Also, the Trudeaus have a new personal chef. And we check in with an expert on how safe the Hill is for everyone who works there.

Speed reading into 2022

Jan 3 2022 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — It’s 2022, which means we’re all playing the awkward annual game of When Is It Too Late To Say Happy New Year? Belatedly: Happy New Year. Keep an eye on Playbook this week for a word from several prominent Canadian podcasters who’ll share what they’re watching in the year ahead. We’re also planning another virtual […]

Rise and shine, nerds

Dec 14 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Today is fiscal update day, which means Playbook is both keeping an eye on that super-important document and also watching all the other things the federal government is doing while fancy charts are distracting the Hill.

The showdown we’ve all been waiting for

Dec 9 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Anyone who has watched PIERRE POILIEVRE in action knows he’s been counting the days until his first extended showdown with the finance minister since the election. Poilievre has sparred with her in QP, but Freeland is set for a two-hour visit to the House finance committee in Room 035-B of West Block. Set an alarm […]

On the first day of FINA

Dec 7 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Today is Tuesday, which means Cabinet is meeting and the prime minister will sit through QP. Playbook is watching the first committee meetings of the session, where Liberals are in a hurry to shovel their post-election priorities through to t

Putting the fun in dysfunction

Dec 3 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — The House leaders are at it again. A day after they agreed to whisk a conversion therapy ban bill to the Senate — a tour de force of parliamentary kumbaya after weeks of bitter post-election acrimony — the Commons scrounged out a way to debate CHRYSTIA FREELAND’s Covid relief bill and finally start the engines […]

How will the PM prioritize priorities?

Nov 23 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Today we get a Throne Speech, the highlight of the second sitting day of Parliament replete with arcane-but-entertaining Westminster custom that launches the government’s legislative agenda. The hitch: The clock is ticking and these crucial first weeks of the session will require cooperation — an oft-elusive concept in the House — if anything is to […]