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Andrew Scheer still fighting the last war — which he lost

May 22 2020 — Tom Walkom — Thu., May 21, 2020timer3 min. read Pity Andrew Scheer. First, the Conservative leader lost the last federal election. Then his own party told him it was time to go. Now, as the Conservatives engage in a contest to pick a new leader to replace him, Scheer is left temporarily holding the fort. You’d think he […]

With global trade all bets are off during a pandemic

Apr 2 2020 — Tom Walkom — In times of crisis, countries must fend for themselves. That is the fatal weakness of globalization. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted this weakness. The theory behind globalization (or the liberal world order as Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland prefers to call it) sounds good. It is based on two principles. First, nations should conc

Failure to woo Red Tories will sink Scheer

Nov 7 2019 — Tom Walkom — Ontario is Andrew Scheer’s Achilles heel. The Conservative leader cannot win the next election without gaining significantly more support from voters in Canada’s largest province. Unless he dramatically changes his approach, he is unlikely to get it. This is the sobering reality that faces members of the Conservative Party as they mull over their leader’s […]

Strong economy one advantage odd Trudeau campaign can use

Aug 5 2019 — Tom Walkom — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals head into the fall election campaign with one huge advantage: The economy is hot. At 5.5 per cent, Canada’s unemployment rate is near historic lows. Inflation-adjusted wage rates are rising again and the stock market is rocking. Even hard-hit Alberta is doing better. While worrying signs are emerging about the […]

Premiers flip over each other but Trudeau hasn’t flopped yet

Jul 15 2019 — Tom Walkom — The brief get-together of five conservative-minded premiers last week was meant to highlight the divide. Alberta’s Jason Kenney, Ontario’s Doug Ford, Saskatchewan’s Scott Moe and New Brunswick’s Blaine Higgs all gathered before the cameras to flip pancakes at the Calgary Stampede. They were joined by Northwest Territories Premier Bob McLeod who, while technically non-partisan, shares […]

The case of the missing infrastructure money

Mar 18 2019 — Tom Walkom — In 2015, Justin Trudeau won power on a promise to build infrastructure. Stephen Harper’s Conservative government had already committed billions of dollars to projects, such as roads, sewers and public transit. Trudeau’s Liberals pledged to commit billions more.

Singh not fully to blame for NDP woes

Jan 7 2019 — Tom Walkom — In politics, we are told, anything can happen. A week is an eternity and the predictions of experts may prove useless. For Canada’s federal New Democrats this credo — the possibility of a bright future — is the only good news. Because right now, the party is languishing. It is low in the polls, starved […]

Mad Max is proving he’s a political force

Nov 14 2018 — Tom Walkom — Pity Andrew Scheer. The federal Conservative leader still lags Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the polls. He is having trouble in Quebec. And now Maxime Bernier’s fledgling People’s Party of Canada threatens to be a serious contender for the right-wing vote. Bernier, 55, is not always treated seriously. Nicknamed Mad Max, the Quebec MP […]

Jagmeet Singh digging himself a deep hole

Sep 10 2018 — Tom Walkom — New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh has opened a new can of worms. His decision to bar sitting MP Erin Weir from contesting the NDP nomination in his own riding has sparked an open revolt in the Saskatchewan wing of the party. “There’s a lot of outrage,” former Saskatchewan NDP MP Lorne Nystrom, a 32-year […]

Nationalizing Trans Mountain pipeline a big mistake

May 29 2018 — Tom Walkom — The federal government’s decision to nationalize the Trans Mountain pipeline is deeply flawed. It is flawed politically because it doesn’t solve the real problem – which is that a good many British Columbians oppose any project that would increase the likelihood of heavy-oil spills along the Pacific Coast.

Rising Horwath means vulnerable Ford must produce his plan

May 24 2018 — Tom Walkom — When Ontario’s election campaign began earlier this month, it was enough for Tory leader Doug Ford to be the Anti-Wynne. A good many Ontarians were sick of Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne and ready to support whichever party leader was best-positioned to deny her another term in government.

Doug Ford’s media bus controversy is much ado about very little

Apr 9 2018 — Tom Walkom — Critics are ripping into Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford’s decision to campaign during the upcoming provincial election without a media bus in tow. Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne accuses Ford of trying to avoid media scrutiny. Ontario New Democratic Party leader Andrea Horwath says she’s shocked at a decision that “flies in the face of […]