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Pro-Jewish group wants to influence 2015 election

Feb 11 2015 — Giuseppe Valiante — The Canadian chapter of the Jewish Defence League is expanding its operations into Montreal and its leader says he also hopes to influence voters in the upcoming federal election. The group’s national director said Tuesday the main goal of the Montreal office will be to unite Quebecers against what he calls the increased threat of […]

Hospital project: Pamela Porter pleads guilty

Dec 18 2014 — Giuseppe Valiante — Pamela Porter pleaded guilty Thursday to two counts of laundering the proceeds of crime and was sentenced to 33 months for her role in an alleged bribery scandal connected to a superhospital project. With time already served, Porter has two years less a day to go in a sentence that was agreed to by the […]

Shale gas not worth it: Quebec agency

Dec 15 2014 — Giuseppe Valiante — MONTREAL - Quebec's environmental review board has concluded that exploiting the province's shale gas deposits is not worth the risk.The agency's highly anticipated report — released Monday — stated there are too many potential negative consequences to the environment and to society from extracting natural gas from shale rock along the St. Lawrence River.The report […]

Shale gas not worth it: Quebec agency

Dec 15 2014 — Giuseppe Valiante — Quebec’s environmental review board says shale gas exploration in the province is not worth the risk. The agency report concludes there are too many potential negative consequences to the environment and to society from extracting natural gas from shale rock deposits along the St. Lawrence River. The report cites risks to air and water quality, […]

Quebec Liberals defend budget cuts

Dec 5 2014 — Giuseppe Valiante — Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard defended his government's tax hikes and spending cuts Friday as the legislature began its winter break.Couillard vowed his government won't back away from its chartered course of balancing the budget by the 2015-16 fiscal year.The premier promised, however, that the final $1 billion in cuts the government needs to find will […]

Quebec media centre considering Peladeau report

Dec 3 2014 — Giuseppe Valiante — MONTREAL - A Quebec university media centre is expected to decide next week if it will study whether Pierre Karl Peladeau should continue owning the controlling shares in Quebecor Inc.The Liberal government has tabled a motion in the legislature asking the centre for media studies at Universite Laval to look into the "influential effects" on […]

Senators unimpressed with CBC’s partial salary data release

Sep 30 2014 — Giuseppe Valiante — Senators remain unimpressed with the CBC’s latest attempt at transparency. The CBC recently released financial data on its website revealing that four of its employees have salaries of at least $300,000. Senators say they want more details. The Senate’s transportation and communications committee studying the CBC’s future argues that given the corporation’s $1-billion annual taxpayer […]

Military manual that suggests Israeli war crimes overseen by Trudeau aide

Sep 17 2014 — Giuseppe Valiante — The Prime Minister’s Office says Liberal military adviser Andrew Leslie is directly responsible for a controversial military doctrine manual that suggests Israel committed war crimes in Gaza. PMO spokesman Carl Vallee told QMI Agency that Leslie “ignores the fact that Israel takes great precautions to protect civilians. The former general, and Justin Trudeau’s senior adviser, […]

Armed Forces’ manual suggests war crime by Israel

Sep 16 2014 — Giuseppe Valiante — The Canadian Forces’ military doctrine suggests that Israel may have committed a war crime in 2006. The 2008 Land Operations conduct manual states that “indiscriminate harassing fire from Israeli artillery killed seven members of one family, including both parents and five siblings” during a military operation in the Gaza Strip in June 2006. The manual […]

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