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Why are the deaths of Indigenous women and girls ungrievable?

Jun 11 2019 — Veldon Coburn — “It is time to call it as it is: Canada’s past and current colonial policies, actions and inactions towards Indigenous Peoples is genocide.” That is the underlying conclusion reached by the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls as it released its final report on June 3. It is difficult to draw […]

The dismantling of INAC

Sep 6 2017 — Veldon Coburn — In a recurring segment of Tom King’s celebrated CBC radio series The Dead Dog Café Comedy Hour the affable—but somewhat naïve—character Jasper Friendly Bear invited listeners to join him by the hearth in a segment he called “Fireside Friendly Bear.” Each week, with the sounds of a crackling fire in the background, Jasper would read […]

Indigenous people and the Constitution conversation

Jun 9 2017 — Veldon Coburn — If Trudeau doesn’t want to have a conversation about the Constitution, how does he envision a renewed nation-to-nation relationship with Indigenous people? Last week, when Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard suggested that it might be time for a Constitutional conversation, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wasted no time in shutting the federal door on any such proposal. […]