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The refugee ‘crisis’ originates far from our borders

Jul 18 2018 — Vicky Mochama — If you believe some of the statements that have been made recently, you can barely move for all the refugees. On Twitter last year, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needed “to address the illegal border crossing crisis.” On Monday, the federal Conservative Party posted — then deleted — a tweet showing […]

Twitter stats show women journalists aren’t being heard

Jun 25 2018 — Vicky Mochama — A recent study found that within the political field, male journalists working in Washington, D.C., share the work of other male journalists three times as much as they do the work of women journalists on Twitter. At a time when the president of the United States is a known misogynist whose administration is clawing back […]

Canada’s actions on migrant crisis must match its words

Jun 17 2018 — Vicky Mochama — After five days languishing on the Mediterranean, the Aquarius, a migrant rescue boat, finally sailed into port in Valencia, Spain. The ship, carrying hundreds of mostly North African migrants, had been turned away by Italian and Maltese authorities. In Italy, the mayor of Palermo offered to open his city’s port, as did mayors in Naples, […]

Youth vote is a force that should not be ignored

Jun 6 2018 — Vicky Mochama — The stakes for young people in this election are clear: our future is being decided. On so many fronts, the weight of the election’s outcomes will be borne by us. Every election is about the future. Politicians from all parties line up to make promises about who they will be and how they will lead. […]

The Safe Third Country Agreement doesn’t work. Just ask the thousands of people walking across the Canada-U.S. border

May 1 2018 — Vicky Mochama — Migrants leaving the United States are telling Canada that our neighbour to the south is not a safe place for them. Under Canada’s Safe Third Country agreement with the U.S., refugee claimants have to request protection in the first “safe country” they arrive in, unless they qualify for an exception. And the U.S. is, officially, […]

Systemic racism in Canada is real, folks

Mar 28 2018 — Vicky Mochama — On a recent television panel, Globe and Mail parliamentary bureau chief Bob Fife was asked about the pitfalls ahead for the Trudeau Liberals. In his answer, he suggested that the upcoming consultations on systemic racism would be a wedge issue, saying, “Is there really systematic racism in Canada? Go to high schools and universities. Kids […]

Eliminating racial discrimination about more than apologies

Mar 21 2018 — Vicky Mochama — When it comes to racism, Canada is not what it claims to be. Every year on March 21, the United Nations marks the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. We will be marking this day again next year. And probably the year after that too. In the last few years, the Canadian government […]

Celina Caesar-Chavannes was right. Bernier does need to check his privilege

Mar 8 2018 — Vicky Mochama — Two Parliamentarians got into it over the government’s decision to put several million dollars towards Black and racialized communities in Canada. Conservative MP Maxime Bernier took issue with the use of the word “racialized” in a tweet by Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen. Bernier wrote, “…What’s the purpose of this awful jargon? To create more division […]

Budget’s investment in women is not ideological fluff

Feb 28 2018 — Vicky Mochama — With the Liberal government’s third budget, we’re promised a series of investments for women and for families. Budget 2018 aims much of its feminist force at ensuring the participation of women in the workforce and to getting them into higher paying jobs. It announces a plan — but no price tag — on pay equity […]

Liberals budget must pay women and girls what they’re owed

Feb 26 2018 — Vicky Mochama — Ahead of this year’s budget, which will be unveiled on Tuesday, there are a few priorities around gender, especially for women and girls, that I hope will be reflected. Last year’s budget promised $100.9 million over five years for a national strategy to prevent gender-based violence; the majority of that investment — $77.5 million — […]

Against the sabotaging noise, women are devoted to getting the work done

Feb 22 2018 — Vicky Mochama — After trying to ignore the Climate Change Barbie insult coined by alt-right website Rebel Media, environment minister Catherine McKenna snapped when a former Conservative minister used the smear late last year. Rather than continue to ignore it, and against the advice of her staff, she answered a question about it during a scrum. “My daughters […]