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Are Mélanie Joly and Bill Morneau being Punk’d?

Oct 22 2017 — Vicky Mochama — If I was being generous, I’d say between the foibles of these two ministers on tax changes and cultural policy, the party looks incompetent. But it’s rather good at branding the prime minister. Ever since they had her sit on a stage with the head of the Chicken Farmers of Canada to announce a frankly […]

ESPN exposes its hypocrisy in suspending Hill

Oct 12 2017 — Vicky Mochama — ESPN, the sports television network has suspended Jemele Hill, the co-host of the flagship show SportsCenter, over a violation of the company’s social media rules. The network had previously punished Hill, an analyst and commentator, for tweeting that Donald Trump is a white supremacist. The organization is well within its bounds to mete out uneven […]

Mulroney denounced racism in the ’80s. Why can’t Andrew Scheer right now?

Aug 29 2017 — Vicky Mochama — In the ’80s, then-prime minister Brian Mulroney unequivocally denounced prejudice and those who stoke it. Now, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer can barely muster a bad word about The Rebel. While Heather Heyer was killed by a white supremacist, Rebel Media contributor Faith Goldy was streaming live from the demonstration. For those who’d looked away from […]