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New deal to end B.C. port strike tweaks language around maintenance, has support of all locals, say sources

Jul 31 2023 — Marco Vigliotti — A second deal reached between the longshore workers’ union and port employers association late Sunday tweaked language around the contentious issue of maintenance of cargo-handling equipment and has the support of all the union’s locals, iPolitics has learned. Sources close to the talks said that the heads of all locals of ILWU Canada signed the […]

Longshore workers union to recommend members approve labour deal

Jul 21 2023 — Marco Vigliotti — A nearly two-week-long labour disruption that has paralyzed cargo shipments across the West Coast could be coming to an end after the longshore workers union announced that it would recommend its member approve a four-year deal with the employers group. In a statement released Friday, ILWU Canada said there would be a “stop work” meeting […]

Longshore workers union to hold new vote on labour deal

Jul 21 2023 — Marco Vigliotti — ILWU Canada’s internal caucus leadership is reconsidering the tentative labour deal with the BC Maritime Employers Association. The union on Thursday announced that an emergency caucus vote is scheduled for tomorrow. The caucus rejected the deal on Tuesday, spurring the latest round of labour uncertainty. If the caucus votes to accept the deal, it would […]

Poilievre’s approach to port strike reflects push to win over blue-collar workers: pundits

Jul 18 2023 — Marco Vigliotti — When businesses warned that the 2021 strike at the Port of Montreal posed a threat to a fragile Canadian economy still grappling with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Liberal government tabled back-to-work legislation after just one day. Under Erin O’Toole, the Conservatives quickly lined up to support the bill, ensuring its passage through […]

Deal reached to end port strike

Jul 13 2023 — Marco Vigliotti — A tentative four-year deal has been reached to end the B.C. longshore workers strike, iPolitics has learned. Sources close to the talks confirmed just after 1:30 p.m. on Thursday that an agreement has been reached. The BC Maritime Employers Association, which represented the businesses in the talks, later confirmed the deal in a statement, saying […]

‘We need to protect the collective bargaining process,’ says labour minister as Liberals fend off calls for back-to-work legislation

Jul 11 2023 — Marco Vigliotti — Pressure is mounting on the Trudeau Liberals to end a nearly two-week-old longshore workers’ strike in B.C., with industry saying decisive action is desperately needed from Ottawa as billions in revenue is lost and trade bottlenecks worsen across the country’s already fragile supply chain. The business community is warning that the strike has already created […]

B.C. longshore workers union, employers association resume talks as strike deadline looms

Jun 30 2023 — Marco Vigliotti — With only hours left to stave off a longshore workers strike that could bring Canada’s largest port to a standstill, both sides have resumed negotiations, iPolitics has learned. A government source confirmed that negotiators from ILWU Canada and the port employers association have returned to the bargaining table after talks broke off earlier in the […]

NDP won’t support back-to-work legislation to end public servant strike

Apr 18 2023 — Marco Vigliotti — Leader Jagmeet Singh on Tuesday said he told the prime minister the NDP is a “workers’ party” and would never support legislative action curtailing the right to strike. The NDP won’t back the Trudeau Liberals if they introduce back-to-work legislation to end a prospective strike of more than 150,000 federal public servants, though it’s unclear […]

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