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MacKay still out in front in CPC leadership race: Mainstreet poll

May 27 2020 — Marco Vigliotti — Peter MacKay is holding a nearly nine point lead in the Conservative leadership race among decided party members, though main rival Erin O’Toole has the edge with second-choice respondents, according to a new Mainstreet Research poll. The automated telephone survey of 7,958 Conservative Party members, conducted between May 20 and 21, shows MacKay, a former […]

Scheer calls for four in-person House sittings a week

Apr 16 2020 — Marco Vigliotti — The House of Commons should sit four times each week with a smaller contingent of MPs to question and scrutinize the federal Liberals’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic, says Conservative leader Andrew Scheer. While virtual sittings have been floated as way to avoid bringing large number of MPs and staff to Parliament Hill, Scheer said […]

PSAC wants feds to provide childcare assistance to ‘critical’ public servants

Mar 26 2020 — Marco Vigliotti — Canada’s largest federal public service union is calling on the Trudeau government to help cover childcare expenses for federal employees working during the COVID-19 pandemic. With schools closed and many daycare facilities shuttered, federal employees deemed “critical” and still on the job are having to juggle their work responsibilities with seeking out suitable childcare, said […]

Cabinet committee membership reinforces view of Freeland as Trudeau’s most trusted minister: strategists

Dec 23 2019 — Marco Vigliotti — Newly minted as the deputy prime minister and minister of intergovernmental affairs, Chrystia Freeland’s appointment as deputy chair of the all-important Agenda, Results and Communications Cabinet Committee reinforces her elevated role among her ministerial peers and signals that she’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s most trusted advisor, say strategists. And the streamlining and realignment of cabinet […]

NDP gaining in latest Mainstreet Research numbers

Oct 11 2019 — Marco Vigliotti — With just 10 days left before voters head to the polls, the Conservatives are narrowly ahead of the Liberals in the national fight for first, while the NDP continues to grow its support in the wake of Monday’s English-language leaders’ debate, according to new polling numbers from Mainstreet Research. According to the latest results from […]

Conservatives, Liberals remain deadlocked, as NDP, Bloc gain support: Mainstreet poll

Oct 10 2019 — Marco Vigliotti — The federal Conservatives are holding a statistically insignificant two point lead over the Liberals in Mainstreet Research’s latest national poll, while the NDP and Bloc Québécois continue to gain ground, increasing the likelihood of a minority government. According to the results from the phone survey of 2,309 voters, conducted between Oct. 7-9, 32.2 per cent […]

Conservatives, Liberals remain tied in Mainstreet polling

Oct 8 2019 — Marco Vigliotti — The Conservatives and Liberals are again separated by only a few tenths of a percentage points in Mainstreet Research’s daily tracking poll results for Tuesday. These newest results, which cover polling conducted between Oct. 5-7, show that 33.1 per cent of leaning and decided respondents said they would vote for the Conservatives if a federal […]

Liberals, Tories deadlocked again in Mainstreet poll

Oct 4 2019 — Marco Vigliotti — Once again, the federal horse race is a dead heat. Results from Mainstreet Research’s daily tracking poll released on Friday show the Liberals and Conservatives separated by only half a percentage point in the battle for first place. It comes only a day after the tracking poll had the Conservatives with a three-point lead, the […]

Tories open up 3 point lead over Liberals: Mainstreet tracking poll

Oct 3 2019 — Marco Vigliotti — The Conservatives have opened up a three-point lead over the governing Liberals in the latest results from Mainstreet Research’s daily tracking poll — the largest lead for Andrew Scheer’s party reported by the survey this campaign. According to these newest results, which cover polling conducted between Sept. 30 and Oct. 2, 36.4 per cent of […]

Tories hold 2.5-point lead over Liberals in latest Mainstreet poll

Oct 2 2019 — Marco Vigliotti — The Conservatives are leading the Liberals by 2.5 points in Mainstreet Research’s latest daily tracking poll results. According to the results, which cover polling conducted between Sept. 29 and Oct. 1, 36 per cent of leaning and decided respondents said they would vote for the Conservatives if a federal election were today, while 33.5 per […]