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Vincent Geloso

Government meddling and increased air pollution

Mar 7 2019 — Vincent Geloso — When economists speak about climate change risk, they use a lens of externalities. Simply put, externalities emerge when exchanges between two parties has consequences that spill over onto third parties. These externalities are labelled “negative” when these spillovers hurt third parties. Greenhouse gas emissions resulting from economic activity constitute a negative externality, as producers and […]

Vincent Geloso

Quebec, Bombardier and the sunk cost fallacy

Dec 5 2018 — Vincent Geloso — Bombardier CEO Alain Bellemare is in New York this week trying to convince shareholders that the company’s woes are temporary. In the last few weeks, the Canadian aerospace giant suffered a series of body blows regarding sales of its new airplanes, which threw the company’s future in doubt—again. In response, the Government of Quebec announced […]