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Kevin O’Leary doesn’t seem to actually be a Trumpist, he just plays one on TV

Feb 26 2017 — Richard Warnica — When Kevin O’Leary, part-time Canadian resident and full-time television troll, walked into conservative Canada’s answer to Comic-Con Thursday night, the gravity of the ballroom — in a convention centre attached to an Ottawa mall — shifted around him. The campus partisans came first, fan boys in first suits, lapels overladen with pins. They lined up […]

Is Kellie Leitch for real?

Jan 26 2017 — Richard Warnica — Imagine for a second that everything wild that’s happened in politics over the past several years — all the madness from Trump to Brexit and even Rob Ford — could be broken down into three points: pushpins, if you like, punched into a corkboard in a triangle pattern. Those pins have always existed in politics […]

Judge tosses evidence in Del Mastro trial (the other one)

Apr 1 2016 — Richard Warnica — Elections Canada investigators violated the Charter rights of a man accused of illegally funneling money to a Conservative candidate in the 2008 federal election, an Ontario judge ruled Friday. Ontario Court Justice Elinore Ready threw out all evidence seized as a result of that violation, which she deemed an overbroad “fishing expedition” into the business […]