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Why Canada should lead the fight against climate change

Jul 24 2019 — Jennifer Wells — Tom McMillan wasn’t long in the job as federal minister of the environment, plowing through binder after binder, briefing note after briefing note, when he hit the section on the depletion of the ozone layer. “It was like an electric shock,” he says of the moment of realization that the atmospheric destruction by chlorofluorocarbons was […]

Canada’s new business watchdog is already a failure

Jul 17 2019 — Jennifer Wells — Child labour in supply chains. Forced labour. Non-existent safety regulations. Rape. The list is tragically longer. Hopes were high that the Trudeau government would act smartly in creating a robust office with the powers to track and investigate Canadian corporations operating abroad after a dismal showing on this issue under the Harper years. The previous […]

How Justin Trudeau missed his moment at Davos

Jan 23 2018 — Jennifer Wells — Clever fox. Or so it seemed. In the middle of the NAFTA muddle Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seized the moment of the World Economic Forum at Davos to announce that Canada has reached agreement on joining the U.S.-absent, 11-member Trans-Pacific Partnership. So we’re pro global managed trade, and are on board now with a team […]

Ottawa’s scorecard on advancing women in business comes up short

Oct 6 2017 — Jennifer Wells — There’s a note of schoolgirl enthusiasm in Fortune magazine’s announcement that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be participating in its invitation only women’s summit in Washington next week. “It’s official: Canada’s most famous feminist is coming to Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit,” the magazine trilled about Trudeau’s scheduled appearance at Tuesday’s evening gala, where he […]

Why Canada’s farm industry is ripe for change

Oct 6 2017 — Jennifer Wells — When Murray Porteous emailed a group of his fellow farmers in Norfolk County with a simple request, the response he got was swift. Porteous is a fourth-generation apple and asparagus farmer, currently tending about 850 acres near Waterford, south of Brantford. Each summer he relies heavily on the Seasonal Agriculture Worker Program (SAWP), and even […]