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America Passed the Trump Stress Test

Nov 26 2020 — William Cooper — Donald Trump’s presidency has been a four-year stress test of America’s constitutional system. Trump’s belligerent governance has weakened the bipartisan fabric – rooted in prudence, decency and comity – that ties our multi-branch system of government together.   At the same time, however, the fundamental pillars of our constitutional order have survived intact – revealing their […]

The Criminalization of Politics

Oct 29 2020 — William Cooper — American politics have become criminalized. A steady drum beat of words and deeds — from “lock her up” chants, to prosecutions of President Trump’s associates, to Trump pushing for Joe Biden’s indictment — has eroded the bright line between politics and the criminal law. This is deeply troubling for several reasons. First, criminalizing politics conflicts […]

Facts Versus Narratives

Sep 18 2020 — William Cooper — People have a tendency to interpret new facts as being consistent with their strongly held beliefs. This propensity, known as confirmation bias, is well known. What is not generally appreciated, however, is that confirmation bias is not just a mild affliction. It is a dominating factor in human thinking — especially with matters distant from […]

Is America’s Democracy In Jeopardy?

Aug 26 2020 — William Cooper — Is America’s democracy — the most successful political experiment in history — hanging on by a thread? Many commentators think so. Thomas Friedman, a three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, warned that “the 2020 election may be the end of our democracy” and we may have “another Civil War.” Columnist Robin Abcarian asserted that only one thing […]

American Misfocus

Aug 15 2020 — William Cooper — The root cause of the American government’s second-rate coronavirus response is not the elected officials in office. It is the people who put them there. In our representative democracy, America’s elected officials reflect the American people’s preferences and priorities. Data from Google Trends — the search giant’s tool for tracking and analyzing Google’s search statistics […]