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As ‘freedom convoy’ heads to Parliament Hill, politicos say Conservatives are supporting a ‘loser of a political issue’

Jan 28 2022 — — As the so-called “freedom convoy” reaches Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates and COVID restrictions, politicos say Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole faces a delicate balancing act keeping happy factions of his caucus, many of whom support the movement. “It’s a high-wire act for O’Toole, but so far he’s not exactly been a member of the Flying […]

Police on guard against ‘lone wolves’ as protest convoy arrives in Ottawa

Jan 28 2022 — — Protest will be ‘massive in scale, and unfortunately polarizing in nature,’ police chief says. Ottawa’s police chief says officials are on guard against “social media actors” and “lone wolves” who might try to infiltrate this weekend’s convoy protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Members of a protest organizers call the Freedom Convoy steadily streamed into the nation’s […]

MPs worry anti-vaxxer convoy has taken a turn for the worse

Jan 28 2022 — — A convoy of truckers is en route to Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates, but some politicians say the protest has taken on a life of its own and are concerned about possible violence on Saturday. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said he is “concerned by extremist elements that are spreading misinformation and attempting to turn the […]

‘Canadian truckers rule’ — Elon Musk joins Donald Trump Jr. cheering on vaccine protest barreling toward Trudeau

Jan 28 2022 — — Elon Musk voiced his support for a so-called “freedom convoy” of Canadian truckers and other activists on their way to Ottawa to protest the country’s vaccine mandates and other COVID-19 control measures. “Canadian truckers rule,” the Tesla Inc. chief executive officer said Thursday in a tweet, a clear nod to a convoy that’s been picking […]

Russia-Ukraine crisis: Severe sanctions could trigger crippling Moscow response

Jan 28 2022 — — The U.S. is threatening painful sanctions against Russia if it launches an attack on Ukraine, but Moscow could hit back at the West by throttling natural gas supplies to Europe or triggering a spike in oil prices, experts and former U.S. officials say. The Biden administration says it’s holding talks with gas companies and European […]

Trucker convoy expected to cause disruptions throughout Ottawa

Jan 28 2022 — — Police ask Ottawans not to travel if they don’t have to. The sheer number of protesters expected to arrive in Ottawa with the trucker convoy may make it very hard to get around this weekend. The convoy — which includes transport truck operators from across the country and participants more broadly opposed to public health […]

Latvia asks Western allies, including Canada, to help bolster its defences in face of Russian threat

Jan 28 2022 — — Latvian political leaders are pitching a plan to boost defence spending to better deter Russian expansionism, and are asking Canada and Western allies for military assistance to bolster the NATO alliance’s eastern flank. Rising tensions between NATO and Moscow over the future of Ukraine have added fresh anxiety to long-standing fears among Latvia and its […]

‘Embarrassment for the industry’: Not all truckers support the ‘freedom convoy’

Jan 28 2022 — — A so-called ‘freedom convoy’ of truckers and supporters is on its way to Ottawa, protesting the federal government’s vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers. But not everyone from the trucking industry is on board with the convoy’s messaging, especially as the rhetoric heats up and the movement attracts support from fringe groups. Dennis Levesque of London, […]

FluTruxKlan trends on Twitter as trucker convoy passes through Toronto

Jan 28 2022 — — As the so-called “Truckers Freedom Convoy” makes its way through Toronto en route to Ottawa in protest of vaccine mandates and other measures meant to keep Canadians safe, many people are taking to Twitter to express their disgust while poking fun at the protest using the clever hashtag #FluTruxClan. The hashtag, which is a play […]

Large number of donations to protest convoy came from aliases, unnamed donors

Jan 28 2022 — — At least a third of the donations to the GoFundMe campaign set up to support the convoy of trucks headed to Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates came from anonymous sources or were attributed to fake names, according to an analysis by CBC News. While thousands of Canadians and Canadian businesses have dipped into their pockets […]

Erin O’Toole plans to meet with truckers protesting vaccine mandates in Ottawa

Jan 27 2022 — — Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole said Thursday he will meet with truckers taking part in a protest against vaccine mandates set for this weekend on Parliament Hill — but does not plan to meet with the actual organizers of the convoy. “I will be meeting with truckers, I will be meeting with parts of the convoy. […]

Governing Connectivity: How is Spectrum Policy Impacting the Lives of Canadians?

Jan 27 2022 — — This summer, Canada will be auctioning spectrum critical for 5G mobile deployment. Opportunities abound with the fifth-generation technology with improved interoperability, capacity, and speed. Various jurisdictions have rolled out 5G, from Korea to Norway to, in a limited way, Canada. To understand its importance, one need only consider the political contentions and aviation safety delays […]