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Unscripted: The Serious Stakes for Ukraine’s New Leader

Apr 26 2019 — Yaroslav Baran — By the time Ukraine’s voters cast their ballots in the second round of presidential elections on April 21st, it was all but certain what the outcome would be — change was in the air. Indeed, when the ballots were counted, 73 per cent of voters had voted for a new president. “Chocolate King” oligarch Petro […]

The B.C. Conundrum

Jun 16 2017 — Yaroslav Baran — The coming week will mark the beginning of a protracted political drama in British Columbia, with Premier Christy Clark recalling the legislature for a Speech from the Throne — presumably step one on the ill-fated road to try to establish the confidence of the legislature in her government. Many have predicted it will amount to […]