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Trudeau’s big bet

Sep 17 2021 — Zi-Ann Lum — If Canadians elect a minority government next week, Liberal or Conservative, Justin Trudeau loses. The Liberal prime minister gambled on an election he did not have to call. If the Conservatives win, he’ll suffer the worst kind of bad beat. And if the Liberals scrape by, he’ll still take heat for Canadians calling his bluff.

Trudeau denies it but signs point to early election in Canada

Jul 9 2021 — Zi-Ann Lum — Covid-19 cases are down in Canada and some are interpreting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cross-country travel this week as a surefire sign of an imminent election. Trudeau’s whistle stop in Calgary on Wednesday started with a blunt question from RED FM host Rishi Nagar, who noted the prime minister’s back-to-back pit stops in Cowessess First […]

Quebec Movie Theatre Operator Says He Won’t Take Public ‘Popcorngate’ Funds

Feb 19 2021 — Zi-Ann Lum — Quebec Premier François Legault’s attempt to cool a controversy that has been dubbed “popcorngate” surprised Vincenzo Guzzo, the president of largest chain of independent theatres in the province. Legault announced Thursday that movie theatres would be compensated for lost snack sales due to provincial COVID-19 rules that will allow theatres to reopen, but not sell […]

RCMP Quietly Releases Race-Based Data Showing Number Of Black Employees

Dec 17 2020 — Zi-Ann Lum — The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) quietly released employment statistics showing 1.5 per cent of regular members in officer roles identify themselves as Black. It’s an early glimpse of the disaggregated race-based data the national police force is beginning to collect. This data is currently not published in its employee diversity statistics, updated annually, which […]

Trudeau Defends ‘Speaking Moistly’ Phrase As A ‘Good’ COVID-19 Message

Dec 16 2020 — Zi-Ann Lum — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says while there was “lots of laughing” after he uttered the words “speaking moistly” during a coronavirus update back in April, he has no regrets about coining the gross phrase. The prime minister was asked to revisit the viral clip during an interview with Breakfast Television’s Dina Pugliese-Mirkovich on Wednesday. Despite […]

Trudeau Says He Sees No Path For Basic Income Right Now

Dec 3 2020 — Zi-Ann Lum — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shared his thoughts about a universal basic income during a virtual town hall Wednesday, saying it’s an idea worth discussing but one the government isn’t itching to move ahead on. The NDP have advocated the idea of basic income in the House of Commons during the pandemic, calling it a tool […]

Senator Proposes Pandemic Pay Freeze For Parliamentarians

Oct 30 2020 — Zi-Ann Lum — Sen. Lucie Moncion hopes she will inspire copycats with a motion proposing the Senate ask the House of Commons to draft legislation to implement a pay freeze for parliamentarians during the coronavirus pandemic. During a speech in the Senate chamber Thursday, Moncion said the proposal, which she admittedly described one that could be view as […]

Feds Kept Most COVID-19 Contracts Secret Under National Security Exemption

Oct 16 2020 — Zi-Ann Lum — The federal government is citing a national security exemption (NSE) to withhold details of a “vast majority” of its COVID-19 related contracts struck at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The exemption expedites the weeks-long procurement process — and keeps details of domestic and international contracts, including costs and supplier information, secret.

NDP Urges Liberals To Recall Parliament Earlier To Pass CERB Extension

Sep 3 2020 — Zi-Ann Lum — The federal NDP is pushing the Liberal government to recall Parliament earlier to ensure legislation can be passed to extend the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) before the program’s scheduled end, four days after the throne speech. A letter sent by NDP House Leader Peter Julian to Government House Leader Pablo Rodriguez Thursday said it’s […]