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Here’s every environmental protection in Canada that has been suspended, delayed and cancelled during COVID-19

Jun 3 2020 — — Across Canada, governments have suspended, delayed and cancelled environmental protection measures as the country grapples with COVID-19. The changes started in Alberta, with Ontario following soon afterwards. Now, the federal government and most provinces have made changes related to environmental protection that they say are temporary. “Some of that stuff is understandable,” said Dale Marshall […]

Global CO2 emissions could drop by as much as 7% in 2020 due to pandemic, researchers suggest

May 20 2020 — — Global carbon dioxide emissions could fall by as much as seven per cent this year, depending on continuing restrictions and social distancing measures during the coronavirus pandemic, research published in the journal Nature Climate Change indicated on Tuesday. The study, by a group of scientists from institutions in Europe, the United States and Australia, analyzed […]

Court quashes government cancellation of eastern Ontario wind farm

May 14 2020 — An Ontario court has quashed the provincial government’s decision to cancel a wind farm in eastern Ontario. In a ruling released Wednesday, an Ontario Superior Court panel of judges says the province’s decision to scrap the Nation Rise project did not meet the proper requirements. The company behind the project near Cornwall, Ont., EDP Renewables, […]

Pandemic or not, Canada still faces a climate crisis — and the clock is ticking

May 13 2020 — Aaron Wherry — Had things worked out differently, the Liberal government’s post-election agenda might have started to take shape this spring with a budget focused on addressing climate change. That might seem like a missed opportunity now. But responding to an economic crisis brought on by a global pandemic is presenting the government with new opportunities to combat […]

Wood pellets from clear-cut, old-growth forests may not be carbon neutral

May 12 2020 — Carl Meyer — Clear-cutting old-growth forests to produce wood pellets to replace fossil fuels in electricity generation would release more carbon into the atmosphere than it would save “for many decades,” according to a new scientific study. The findings raise questions about the wood pellet industry’s claims that their product is “carbon neutral” and that switching from burning […]

Why a Disorderly Transition of the Energy Sector is Bad News for Canada’s Climate Policy Aspirations

May 4 2020 — Aaron Henry — Last week saw Western Texas Intermediary (WTI) dip to nearly negative -$40.00. Little can be said with confidence these days, but it seems safe to claim that we are witnessing a disruption to our global energy system that has changed our world. Not surprisingly, some environmental critics have embraced the demand destruction from COVID-19 measures […]

UK climate activists stranded in historic town in Kosovo

Apr 29 2020 — Visar Kryeziu, The Associated Press — PRIZREN, Kosovo — British climate activists Rosie Watson and Mike Elm were on an international bicycle and running tour to promote their green campaign when they got stuck in Kosovo because of the coronavirus pandemic. Watson, 25, from Loweswater in northwestern England, and Elm, 32, from Edinburgh, Scotland, have been stranded in Prizren, a town […]

A Canada Water Agency is the first step to modernizing water management

Apr 27 2020 — — Water is a shared resource that crosses jurisdictional boundaries, both geographical and bureaucratic. Effective management and governance of water require robust prediction, coordination, collaboration and oversight. The federal government is uniquely situated to play this role, yet federal leadership has withered over the past several decades. Clear evidence of this decline is the fact that […]

A Green and Fair COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Apr 27 2020 — Stefano Ponte is Professor of International Political Economy at Copenhagen Business School and Director of the Centre for Business and Development Studies. His latest book Business, power and sustainability in a world of global value chains was published by Zed Books in 2019.

Etihad continues to progress sustainable initiatives to help cut carbon emissions

Apr 27 2020 — Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE, has continued to progress its sustainability agenda, testing a range of initiatives during the wind-down and suspension of its scheduled passenger services in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The airline has highlighted some of its continuing activities in a new video released to mark Earth Day 2020

Pandemic forces feds to hit pause on climate legislation; environmentalists sanguine about net-zero pledge

Apr 27 2020 — — Environmental groups say they expect green programs to form the backbone of the government’s recovery effort when the COVID-19 crisis abates. The government has been forced to hit pause on its legislative agenda, with Parliamentary sittings disrupted and its attention diverted toward grappling with the pandemic’s ruinous impacts on the economy. That has included delaying […]

Canada’s emissions count jumped 15 million tonnes in 2018, report shows

Apr 15 2020 — — A new federal report on Canada’s greenhouse-gas emissions shows they soared 15 million tonnes in 2018. Most countries file their accountings for emissions with the United Nations every April but the data are always two years behind. Canada’s latest report shows in 2018 Canada’s total emissions count was 729 million tonnes of carbon dioxide and […]