National Newswatch

International Energy Agency forecasts decline in Canadian oil demand coming

Oct 16 2021 — — Environment groups in Canada say governments and the oil and gas industry can no longer pretend there is an economic case for expanding oil production after the latest international energy forecast suggests demand for Canada’s oil will fall before the end of this decade. But the International Energy Agency also said there are new opportunities […]

Climate change: North Carolina gov signs major energy law

Oct 13 2021 — Gary D. Robertson, The Associated Press — RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper of North Carolina signed a milestone energy bill into law Wednesday that aims to sharply reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the state's power plants by 2030, celebrating the legislative accomplishment with Republican lawmakers. In a ceremony with legislators from both parties, Cooper enacted a consensus measure that […]

Biden administration releases alarming reports on climate change challenges

Oct 8 2021 — — Nearly two dozen federal agencies released reports Thursday identifying the major threats climate change poses to their departments and how they plan to respond, underscoring the enormous policy challenges the U.S. faces as the planet continues to warm. The reports, which President Joe Biden asked each agency to prepare in an executive order in January, […]

Environment lobby calls out Carney’s climate finance credibility

Oct 8 2021 — — Former Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney’s credibility as a global climate finance leader is under fire as environment lobby groups say he is allowing some of the world’s biggest banks to use him as cover to keep funding fossil fuels. Carney is widely expected to run for the federal Liberals in a future election […]

Any way you slice it, Canada is one of the worst emitters on the planet

Oct 7 2021 — — A new ranking of the planet’s largest polluters has Canada in the top 10 for total emissions, which climate advocates say gives the country an even greater responsibility to align itself with a climate-safe future. The analysis by U.K.-based Carbon Brief studies cumulative emissions since 1850 to identify which countries have historically contributed the most. […]

Can Nuclear Fusion Put the Brakes on Climate Change?

Oct 4 2021 — — Let’s say that you’ve devoted your entire adult life to developing a carbon-free way to power a household for a year on the fuel of a single glass of water, and that you’ve had moments, even years, when you were pretty sure you would succeed. Let’s say also that you’re not crazy. This is a […]

The greatest tool in tackling climate change needs our help: nature

Sep 29 2021 — Catherine Grenier — As we begin to enjoy the fall colours and foliage, let’s consider what our forests provide. The short answer is, much more than we realize. The roots of trees, from BC’s hulking cedars to Newfoundland and Labrador’s rare black ash, reach out to us all, connecting Canadians to each other and to this land.  Even if you don’t live in or near a forest, we all […]

Ford Will Build 4 Factories in a Big Electric Vehicle Push

Sep 28 2021 — — Ford Motor significantly increased its commitment to electric cars and trucks on Monday by announcing that it would spend billions of dollars to build three battery factories and an electric truck plant in the United States, creating 11,000 jobs over the next four years.

European Central Bank climate report: Early action is better

Sep 22 2021 — David McHugh — FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — The European Central Bank's first climate stress test shows higher risks of loan defaults for banks in fire-plagued southern Europe and argues that an earlier and orderly shift to greener energy may have costs — but pay off for the economy over the long run. The bank warned that its two […]

This new Parliament holds the nation’s climate fate in its hands

Sep 22 2021 — — Just a few months ago, it seemed like climate would struggle to make an appearance in this election, pushed aside by the pressing realities of the COVID-19 crisis. But then this summer of reckoning with the climate emergency intervened, and poll after poll revealed the climate crisis to be a top issue for Canadians. As […]