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To avoid climate catastrophe, Canada must account for its hidden emissions

Jul 27 2021 — — The past month has been a wake-up call for many Canadians as large parts of the country sweltered under an intense “heat dome” that is believed to have contributed to at least 719 sudden deaths in British Columbia. Scientists have since concluded the heat wave would have been “virtually impossible” without climate change caused by […]

Ottawa, provinces and territories not on track to meet new climate targets: report

Jul 22 2021 — David Thurton — The federal, provincial and territorial governments have failed to plan emissions cuts sufficient to achieve Canada’s net-zero targets, says a new climate report. The report by the Pembina Institute, an energy and climate think-tank, concludes that Canada isn’t going to achieve its recently announced 2030 or 2050 net-zero goals. “Unfortunately, we are not on track […]

Liberals add $1.4 billion to climate change mitigation fund: McKenna

Jul 20 2021 — — Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna says the federal government is adding almost $1.4 billion to the disaster mitigation and adaptation fund this year to help communities across Canada facing climate change and environmental disasters. Speaking to reporters in Toronto Tuesday, McKenna says the funding will support communities in conducting projects to face the risks of wildfires […]

Experts: Europe floods shows need to curb emissions, adapt

Jul 17 2021 — Raf Casert , The Associated Press — BRUSSELS (AP) — Just as the European Union was announcing plans to spend billions of euros to contain climate change, massive clouds gathered over Germany and nearby nations to unleash an unprecedented storm that left death and destruction in its wake. Despite ample warnings, politicians and weather forecasters were shocked at the ferocity of the […]

Greenland suspends oil exploration because of climate change

Jul 16 2021 — — The left-leaning government on Greenland which could be sitting on vast oil reserves, has decided to suspend all oil exploration off the the world’s largest island, calling it is “a natural step” because the Arctic government “takes the climate crisis seriously.” No oil has yet been found in the waters of Greenland which had ambitions […]

Democrats Call for a Tax on Imports From Polluting Countries

Jul 15 2021 — — Democrats have agreed to include a tax on imports from nations that lack aggressive climate change policies as part of a sweeping $3.5 trillion budget plan stocked with other provisions aimed at ratcheting down fossil fuel pollution in the United States. The move to tax imports was made public Wednesday, the same day that the […]

How will Canada prepare for more heat waves and other extreme weather events?

Jul 12 2021 — — As large swathes of the Western U.S. and central Canada continue to grapple with blistering heat, several climate and environmental safety experts are calling on governments and communities on all levels to double down on mitigation and adaption efforts to the inevitable effects of climate change. Dozens of heat records were broken during the heat […]