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Hybrid-powered electric cruise ship navigates Northwest Passage

Sep 20 2019 — — A Norwegian company says it has navigated the first hybrid-powered cruise ship through the Northwest Passage using a combination of massive batteries and diesel engines. The company claims it’s the first time a vessel of its kind and size has sailed the route. Hurtigruten, a cargo, ferry and cruise company from Norway, designed MS Roald […]

Our biggest renewable energy purchase ever

Sep 19 2019 — Sustainability has been one of Google’s core values from our earliest days. Over the years we’ve worked hard to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations, build products with people and planet in mind, and drive change at scale through our supply chains.

Climate explained: Why are climate change skeptics often right-wing conservatives?

Sep 19 2019 — — The scientific evidence for climate change is unequivocal: 97 per cent of actively publishing climate scientists agree that human activities are causing global warming. Given the same evidence, why do some people become concerned about human-caused climate change while others deny it? In particular, why are people who remain skeptical about climate change often identified […]

David Suzuki broke down barriers – now youth are rising

Sep 16 2019 — — It’s been a long road for David Suzuki. This is his 40th year of hosting CBC’s documentary series, The Nature of Things. He helped establish the David Suzuki Foundation, a non-profit focused on sustainability, in 1990. And he says he’s become jaded after years of broken promises from politicians and business people about combating climate […]

Teen girls strike for global action on climate change

Sep 15 2019 — — It was the floodwaters brushing her jawline that convinced Theresa Sebastian it was time to get serious about climate change. The teen from Ireland was in Kerala, India, for a family wedding last summer when the region experienced 40 percent higher-than-average rainfall. More than 480 people died in the torrential rains that swept away cars […]

Candidates defend climate plans as environment becomes top ballot issue

Sep 15 2019 — Sarah Turnbull — Representatives from each of the major federal parties running in this year’s federal election are defending their own climate policies while criticizing their competitors as the environment shapes up to be a top issue among voters. On a CTV Question Period panel airing on Sunday, the Liberals’ Marco Mendicino, the Conservatives’ Lisa Raitt, the NDP’s […]

What’s the Right Balance of Energy, Security and Sustainability?

Sep 12 2019 — An energy transition is unfolding around the world. In efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution, governments are installing increasing amounts of wind and solar. Since 2000, renewable installations in the power sector have risen from 20 GW per year to around 160 GW per year and now account for almost two-thirds of […]

Sonoma County Airport to Save $3.1 Million over 20-Year Rooftop Solar Agreement

Sep 12 2019 — A California airport will reduce power costs and greenhouse gas emissions with a new solar project. The Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport has received authorization from its Board of Supervisors to begin installation of a solar panel canopy system over its long-term parking lot, reports the North Bay Business Journal.

Charging ahead? India’s electric car revolution faces bumps

Sep 12 2019 — Paritosh Mitra, who drives a motorised rickshaw in Delhi, knows what he wants next and has saved 100,000 rupees ($1,390) to get it: an electric rickshaw. But he won’t buy one until it comes with all the basic features that he needs as a commercial driver. That includes a top speed of at least 40 […]

‘Friends of Science’ thanks Elections Canada for warning on climate-change talk

Sep 9 2019 — Mia Rabson, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — A Calgary organization that argues climate change is nothing close to a global emergency says Elections Canada is right to keep a close eye on campaign-period communications from the climate-change lobby. In an open letter, the Friends of Science Society praises the federal agency that oversees Canadian elections for indicating that the science on climate […]

Why industry is going green on the quiet

Sep 9 2019 — — There’s a factory in Asia that uses only a single litre of water to make a pair of jeans. That’s 346 litres less than Levi-Strauss estimated it took to make a pair of its jeans in 2015. Wouldn’t you love to buy your jeans from this amazingly innovative factory? Me too, but I don’t even […]