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LNG vs climate. Five charts show the burden on British Columbians

Nov 9 2018 — — British Columbia continues to approve major LNG projects but can the resulting climate pollution fit inside the province’s climate targets? The provincial government says the LNG projects will be compatible with legislated climate targets — but the more LNG pollution, the faster the rest of B.C. will need to cut back.

Ottawa plans to give climate funds directly to Ontario institutions, businesses

Nov 8 2018 — — Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says the federal government plans to disburse money from a climate fund directly to Ontario institutions and businesses after the provincial government cancelled its climate program. Speaking at Rockwool insulation plant in Milton, Ont. Thursday, McKenna said the remaining $420 million pending for Ontario from the Low Carbon Economy Fund will […]

Climate Claim Unconfirmed

Nov 6 2018 — — Environment Minister Catherine McKenna’s claims of climate change fatalities are contradicted by new data. McKenna repeatedly pointed to a surge in deaths in a July heat wave in Québec as proof of the need for a national carbon tax. Figures show the death rate in July was the same as last year. The Québec Institute […]

Pallister defends Manitoba climate plan, amid widespread public skepticism

Nov 2 2018 — — Premier Brian Pallister says it’s “too bad” that a recent poll suggests Manitobans don’t trust information about climate change coming from their provincial government. The Angus Reid poll released on Thursday found Manitobans are the least likely to trust what the province is telling them about climate change. Just 24 per cent of people said […]

Ontario government passes legislation to scrap cap and trade

Oct 31 2018 — — The Ontario government passed legislation Wednesday to cancel the province’s cap-and-trade system, putting the final nail in the coffin of a program Premier Doug Ford has long promised to scrap. The bill was introduced in July but the final vote was delayed when an environmental group launched legal action against the government, alleging the province […]

Transport Canada welcomes GM’s electric car plan

Oct 30 2018 — Carl Meyer — Transport Canada has welcomed a General Motors proposal to make millions of electric cars mandatory on U.S. roads, prompting questions about the federal government’s promised national zero-emissions vehicle strategy.

Here’s what climate change could look like in Canada

Oct 27 2018 — — Climate change is here, experts say, and Canada can expect to suffer the consequences. The effects of a warming planet are going to be felt from coast to coast to coast. And, if we stick to a “business-as-usual” scenario — no change to our emissions — it’s going to happen a lot sooner than scientists […]

Raise the GST as part of pragmatic plan for climate action

Oct 17 2018 — — The rejection of the Trans Mountain pipeline approval by the courts and the angry response by Alberta to withdraw from Canada’s climate plan has set in motion a high-octane drama with no happy ending in sight. Provinces see an opportunity to flex their muscles, engage in a tit-for-tat bargaining game with the federal government – […]

Donald and the Deadly Deniers

Oct 16 2018 — — Climate change is a hoax. Climate change is happening, but it’s not man-made. Climate change is man-made, but doing anything about it would destroy jobs and kill economic growth. These are the stages of climate denial. Or maybe it’s wrong to call them stages, since the deniers never really give up an argument, no matter […]

Global warming is about to make your beer a lot more expensive: study

Oct 15 2018 — — Add beer to chocolate, coffee and wine as some of life’s little pleasures that global warming will make scarcer and costlier, scientists say. Increasing bouts of extreme heat waves and drought will hurt production of barley, a key beer ingredient, in the future. Losses of barley yield can be as much as 17 per cent, […]