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MPs to vote on a new carbon-pricing exemption for farmers

Jan 27 2023 — — A private member’s bill that would exempt certain agricultural activities from the federal carbon price will be voted on when the House of Commons’ winter recess ends next week. The bill would amend the federal Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act to add natural gas and propane used to dry grain and heat livestock barns to […]

Climate misinformation ‘rocket boosters’ on Musk’s Twitter

Jan 19 2023 — — Search for the word “climate” on Twitter and the first automatic recommendation isn’t “climate crisis” or “climate jobs” or even “climate change” but instead “climate scam.” Clicking on the recommendation yields dozens of posts denying the reality of climate change and making misleading claims about efforts to mitigate it. Such misinformation has flourished on Twitter […]

Canada’s need for high-speed rail

Jan 18 2023 — Olivier Marcil — It’s no secret that the transportation sector is a leading source of GHG emissions in Canada. With mobility demands rebounding from pandemic lows and are projected to grow, the switch to zero-emission, electrified transportation is pressing. Trains are recognized as the cleanest mode of transportation for moving both passengers and goods. Although Canada is not […]

Climate change slowing agriculture productivity gains

Jan 17 2023 — Alex Binkley — Canada has been hit with major weather events. Ottawa-Global food insecurity is being worsened by damaging weather events caused by climate change, says Margaret Zafiriou, Research Associate with the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI). The weather events along with the war in Ukraine, inflationary pressures and a looming global recession are making global food insecurity […]

Look to the Cloud: Leveraging Data to Support ESG

Jan 13 2023 — Mark Lambert — In today’s values-driven world, organizations must focus on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance to attract talent, customers and investment. Public opinion surveys consistently show that three out of four Canadians will boycott products or services that are not in alignment with their values and will consider a company’s environmental and social commitments before […]

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talks climate change with King Charles

Jan 6 2023 — — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office says he shared a call with King Charles that centred on environmental issues. Trudeau’s office says he and the King discussed the COP15 biodiversity summit that was held in Montreal last month, where nearly 200 countries signed a landmark conservation agreement. They also exchanged “ideas on tackling climate change and […]

Canada moves to mandate electric vehicle sales starting in 2025

Dec 21 2022 — — One-fifth of all passenger cars, SUVs and trucks sold in Canada in 2026 will need to run on electricity under new regulations Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault is proposing Wednesday. By 2030, the mandate will hit 60 per cent of all sales and by 2035, every passenger vehicle sold in Canada will need to be electric. […]

While the World Cup Distracted Millions, Mother Earth Scored

Dec 21 2022 — Elizabeth May — The United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) can be seen as the poorer sister of the better-known UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). They are twins, both born in June 1992 at the Rio Earth Summit. The CBD was nearly stillborn – or rather nearly drowned at birth. Then-US President George H. W. […]

Climate change progress in 2023

Dec 20 2022 — — It’s a mark of how much momentum the global and national response to climate change now has that—despite numerous domestic and geopolitical headwinds—the past twelve months have resulted in significant progress. In March 2022, Canada’s first Emissions Reduction Plan set the agenda for future policy development. The Canadian Climate Institute’s detailed assessment of this plan […]

Negotiators finalize nature deal ahead of final day of COP15 convention

Dec 19 2022 — — Negotiators in Montreal have finalized an agreement to halt and reverse the destruction of nature by 2030, as the COP15 talks enter their final official day. An announcement issued early Monday morning says the gathering nations at the biodiversity summit have agreed to four goals and 23 targets. The goals include protecting 30 per cent […]

Canada’s climate action plan underfunded, unclear regarding top risks: report

Dec 15 2022 — — A report says Canada’s climate adaptation strategy is underfunded and does not clearly align its goals with the country’s top climate change risks. The Canadian Climate Institute put out the report that makes 11 recommendations for improvements to the federal government’s draft $1.6-billion strategy that was released in November. It says that while it’s good […]

Rush to electric vehicles may be an expensive mistake, say climate strategists

Dec 12 2022 — Don Pittis — With their futuristic designs and new technology, electric vehicles are the seductive consumer-friendly face of the energy transition. As first incarnated by Tesla, the EV is increasingly seen as sleeker, slicker, faster and more stylish than traditional internal combustion engine cars and trucks that burn those dirty fossil fuels blamed for disrupting weather patterns and […]