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Doug Ford loses carbon tax court battle with Trudeau

Jun 28 2019 — Fatima Syed — Ontario’s Court of Appeal followed its Saskatchewan counterpart in deeming the federal price on pollution constitutional, in another blow to Conservative premiers challenging the levy across the country. In a 4-1 ruling on Friday, the Ontario court concluded that the federal carbon tax is within the government’s Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act is within Parliament’s […]

Feds announce funding for coal transition in Alberta, Saskatchewan

Jun 28 2019 — The Canadian Press — NISKU, Alta. — The federal government is announcing projects to help western workers and communities dependent on coal mining to become less reliant on the industry. Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi says nine grants for organizations in Alberta and Saskatchewan will support skills training and diversification. The grants, totalling nearly $4.5 million, are part of […]

The serious $70 BILLION climate plan you’ve heard nothing abou

Jun 27 2019 — — When the prime minister’s long-awaited announcement approving the twinning of the Trans Mountain pipeline finally came, few citizens concerned about environmental hazards and climate change could cheer it. Nor could many Indigenous communities applaud ⁠— so many of those that signed agreements with the project felt enormous pressure to salvage at least some benefit, skinny […]

Canadians risk growing ignorant about climate crisis, say scientists

Jun 26 2019 — Carl Meyer — Canadians risk growing ignorant about the global climate emergency because the federal government has failed to maintain predictable and long-term research funding, scientists say in a newly released survey. The survey by advocacy non-profit Evidence for Democracy and non-partisan charity Canadian Climate Forum has prompted Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna to call for […]

Chattanooga Airport now 100% powered by on-site solar energy

Jun 25 2019 — The Chattanooga Airport in Tennessee celebrated the completion of the final phase of its 2.64-MW solar farm. The power generated is equal to the airport’s total energy needs. The Chattanooga Airport is the only airport in the nation to now run on 100% renewable energy.

US Senate Democrats & Clean Energy Industry Call For Tax Credit Extensions

Jun 25 2019 — — A group of 20 US Senate Democrats have called for the extension of clean energy tax incentives such as the wind energy Production Tax Credit (PTC), the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), and the residential renewable energy tax credit, a call which has been applauded and joined by the country’s clean energy associations.

Growing Clean: Investment Flows in Low-Carbon Technology to 2030

Jun 21 2019 — As Canada pushes forward with its climate change mitigation commitments, public and private investment will orient towards clean growth infrastructure and technologies. In our report Growing Clean: Investment Flows in Low-Carbon Technology to 2030, we ask key questions: how sizeable is the investment opportunity for low-carbon technologies from 2020-2030? To what extent will Canadian investment […]

How climate change is thawing the ‘glue that holds the northern landscape together’

Jun 19 2019 — — In one of the coldest places in Canada, Steve Kokelj is searching for Arctic thaw. He’s driving the great Dempster Highway, 747 kilometres of gravel linking southern Canada to the Arctic. “The large permafrost disturbances that we’re seeing now have really developed in the last one to two decades,” he says. Kokelj is a permafrost […]

Climate scientists document ‘extreme conditions on hot day’ in Greenland

Jun 18 2019 — — An early start to thawing season in the Arctic has climate researchers in Greenland wading through new territory. The photo was taken in northwest Greenland on June 13 by Steffen Olsen, a climate scientist with the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) located in Denmark. The stunning shot shows a pack of sled dogs walking through shallow […]

‘It’s a problem for society’: Climate change is making some homes uninsurable

Jun 17 2019 — — t’s easy to see the flood risk of homes perched along the shores of the Ottawa River or the Red River. Everyone remembers the flooded-out Stampede Grounds in Calgary or the devastating images out of Quebec in 1996. It’s harder to imagine an urban, north Toronto neighbourhood 27 kilometres from Lake Ontario being deemed high-risk. […]

Tories pounce on carbon tax analysis that excludes cost of climate crisis

Jun 14 2019 — Carl Meyer — Andrew Scheer’s Opposition Conservatives have pounced on a new analysis of carbon pricing that fails to account for the escalating costs of the global climate emergency. The analysis was prepared by Canada’s independent Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux. The watchdog defended his analysis of the carbon tax needed to achieve Canada’s Paris target, acknowledging that […]

Ottawa needs to boost carbon tax by $50 a tonne to meet emissions reduction targets: budget officer

Jun 13 2019 — John Paul Tasker — The federal government would have to levy an additional carbon tax worth as much as $50 a tonne on greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) to achieve Canada’s emissions reduction targets, the parliamentary budget officer (PBO) said in a report released Thursday. Canada, a signatory to the Paris climate agreement, which committed virtually every country to lowering […]