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Economic Rebound Gives Trudeau Momentum Ahead of Fall Election

Jul 18 2019 — Stephen Wicary — A dead heat among voters over which leader is best suited to steer the Canadian economy appears to breaking in Justin Trudeau’s favor. The Liberal prime minister is pulling ahead of his main rival on the crucial question of economic stewardship in the run up to the October election. According to a survey by Nanos […]

Twitter bots boosted the trending #TrudeauMustGo hashtag

Jul 18 2019 — — The hashtag #TrudeauMustGo soared to the top of Twitter’s trending list in Canada on Tuesday, perhaps giving some observers the impression that Canadians were taking to social media en masse to express their discontent with the prime minister. But a closer look revealed that much of the activity surrounding the hashtag was actually driven by […]

Justin Trudeau says he’s made mistakes. Is that a mistake?

Jul 18 2019 — Aaron Wherry — Justin Trudeau never promised to be perfect. “When we make a mistake, as all governments do, it is important that we acknowledge that mistake and learn from it,” he wrote in an open letter to Canadians issued the day he was sworn in as Canada’s 23rd prime minister. “We know that you do not expect […]

Trudeau toughens stance against Trump’s ‘unacceptable’ comments on U.S. congresswoman

Jul 18 2019 — Les Perreaux — Justin Trudeau has toughened his stance against the inflammatory rhetoric of Donald Trump after the Prime Minister was criticized for his conciliatory tone confronting racist comments. “I think the comments made were hurtful, wrong and completely unacceptable,” Mr. Trudeau said Thursday, following a meeting with European Council President Donald Tusk. “I want everyone in Canada […]

Local dietitian questions Conservative leader’s expertise on food guide

Jul 17 2019 — — Federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is promising a review of the Canada Food Guide if he becomes prime minister in the next election. Scheer’s concern stems from a lack of consultation, which he argues, leaves the guide in the hands of ideologues and open to bias. But registered dietitian Ali Chernoff says that the opposite […]

All of sudden, Trudeau has conservatives boxed in

Jun 23 2019 — Anthony Furey — Throughout the first half of the year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was against the ropes. He was hammered almost daily by first the China mess and then Lavscam and it even seemed – for a few days – that his political demise was imminent. A lot of that is gone now. Yes, Trudeau’s numbers dropped […]

Federal Conservative candidate gives boyfriend human skull for birthday: Report

Jul 3 2019 — — A candidate in a northern British Columbia riding has purchased a human skull as a birthday present for her boyfriend, according to a Facebook post. Claire Rattée is running for the Conservatives in Skeena-Bulkley Valley, a huge riding held by NDP MP Nathan Cullen. It includes Prince Rupert, Smithers, Terrace and the Queen Charlotte Islands. […]

Don’t read into darker-skinned Trudeau image, Conservatives insist

Jun 28 2019 — — The federal Conservative Party says a social media graphic that depicts Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a dark-skinned oil worker is the result of a standard filter applied to many of their photos — not racism. The photo, versions of which were posted to the party’s Facebook and Twitter accounts Wednesday morning, appeared to have […]

Fedeli, Mulroney and MacLeod demoted after Ford shuffles cabinet

Jun 20 2019 — — Vic Fedeli has been removed as Ontario Finance Minister in one of the many major changes to come out of Premier Doug Ford‘s cabinet shuffle Thursday. The reset comes just after Ford and his Progressive Conservatives marked the one-year anniversary of winning a majority government. The announcement also contained the addition of one new ministry […]

Canadians’ personal data on the table in NAFTA negotiations

Aug 2 2017 — — The personal information of Canadians will be on the negotiating table along with auto parts and labour standards when North American free trade talks begin this month. The United States has served notice it wants an end to measures that restrict cross-border data flows, or require the use or installation of local computing facilities. It […]

Jenni Byrne tossed from Harper’s inner circle

Oct 20 2015 — — On his final campaign flight from Abbotsford, B.C. to Calgary, Stephen Harper sat with his closest friends and began putting together the plan for his exit from the Conservative Party leadership. That plan will unfold this morning, as Conservative politicians and the party’s rank-and-file look to a future leadership race — only the merged party’s […]

Doomed Harper government made 49 “future” patronage appointments

Nov 23 2015 — Elizabeth Thompson — Former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s cabinet quietly stacked government agencies and Crown corporations with dozens of “future appointments,” and early appointment renewals in the dying days of its regime, many of which were only scheduled to go into effect long after the Conservatives were defeated, iPolitics has learned. While some had been due to […]

Liberals accused of diabetes tax grab with apparent benefit clawback

Oct 22 2017 — — Health groups joined forces on Sunday with the Conservative opposition to accuse the Liberal government of trying to raise tax revenue on the backs of vulnerable diabetics. The accusation opened a new front in the ongoing opposition-waged war on government taxation policy, amid the backdrop of the conflict-of-interest controversy dogging Finance Minister Bill Morneau over […]

Senator Patrick Brazeau in critical but stable condition in Gatineau hospital

Jan 19 2016 — — Senator Patrick Brazeau is recovering in hospital following surgery after he was found seriously injured in his home last night, according to officials at a hospital in Gatineau, Que. Police and paramedics were called to Brazeau’s home in Mayo, Que., northeast of Ottawa, just after 10 p.m. ET on Monday, sources told CBC News. He […]