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The inside story behind Doug Ford’s COVID-19 climbdowns

Apr 22 2021 — Mike Crawley — The move by Premier Doug Ford and his cabinet to give police arbitrary powers and to shut playgrounds across Ontario was made in a rush, without evidence the moves would help rein in the third wave of COVID-19, multiple sources tell CBC News. Various sources close to the government say the decisions came amid panic […]

Doug Ford’s popularity plummets as pandemic takes its toll

Apr 22 2021 — Eric Grenier — If Ontario Premier Doug Ford is defeated in next year’s provincial election, he might look back at this past week as the beginning of the end for his government — the moment when his pandemic-fuelled popularity came to a sudden halt. As the province’s third wave hit record highs in daily COVID-19 case counts and […]

Journal de Montréal accused of fuelling prejudice against Indian community with front page

Apr 22 2021 — — The front page of the province’s most popular daily newspaper reverberated throughout the National Assembly Thursday, as politicians from all parties denounced it, saying it stigmatizes Quebec’s Indian community. The premier also weighed in, though his comments were not as forceful as those made by opposition party members and one of his own ministers. Thursday’s […]

Emergency parliamentary debate on pandemic devolves into partisan finger-pointing

Apr 22 2021 — — An emergency parliamentary debate that was supposed to be a forum for cross-party collaboration on better ways to combat the COVID-19 pandemic devolved Wednesday into another round of partisan finger-pointing. Veteran Green MP Elizabeth May requested the debate, arguing that the wildfire spread of more contagious and deadly variants of the COVID-19 virus requires politicians […]

How the premier of Ontario made himself irrelevant

Apr 22 2021 — Matt Gurney — If we strip away all the sideshows and diversions, there are three stories that matter in Ontario’s third-wave response today. They matter more than the premier’s obvious emotional struggle as he faced voters for the first time in nearly a week — via a video press conference from isolation at his late mother’s Etobicoke home […]

Ford apologizes after public backlash to enhanced police powers, playground closures

Apr 22 2021 — — Ontario Premier Doug Ford apologized to Ontarians Thursday morning, days after his government faced intense backlash for introducing a number of additional COVID-19 restrictions that were not recommended by health experts and then nixed earlier this week. Ford, who is currently isolating at his late mother’s home in Etobicoke after a staff member tested positive […]

COVID is surging — and populist premiers won’t save us

Apr 22 2021 — Max Fawcett — Of all the controversial covers Maclean’s magazine has run over the years, few attracted a bigger backlash than its December 2018 edition. It featured Conservative Party of Canada Leader Andrew Scheer flanked by Doug Ford, Jason Kenney, Brian Pallister and Scott Moe, all wearing their best blue suits and sporting their best tough-guy demeanours. The […]

With one budget, Freeland overturned 3 decades of political orthodoxy

Apr 20 2021 — Aaron Wherry — Nearly seven years ago, a rookie politician surveyed the political landscape across the democratic world and saw the outlines of a new era. “What we are seeing, in both Western Europe and North America, is the end of the Reagan/Thatcher era and of the political ideas that created it,” Chrystia Freeland wrote at the time.

Erin O’Toole faces backlash from ‘surprised and frustrated’ Conservatives over carbon pricing plan

Apr 18 2021 — Brian Platt — When Conservative leader Erin O’Toole announced on Thursday that his party will include a carbon price on consumer fuels as part of their election platform, internal backlash was inevitable. Scrapping “Trudeau’s carbon tax” is a core promise the Conservative Party has made to its supporters for years. O’Toole won the Conservative leadership race last year […]

Stephen Lewis is fighting for his life

Apr 21 2021 — Steve Paikin — This country’s greatest political orator is battling abdominal cancer as he continues to fight for causes near and dear to his heart. It was August, during the federal-election campaign of 2015, and NDP leader Thomas Mulcair was giving a stump speech near the west end of Queen Street in downtown Toronto. At this moment in […]

It’s time for adult supervision or a premier replacement in Doug Ford’s Ontario

Apr 20 2021 — Don Martin — Whenever Doug Ford puts on that feel-your-pain “folks, I’m being honest with you” face, his pandemic-fighting plan from yesterday is about to be slammed into reverse – and replaced by something even worse. I’ve been watching politicians since covering Calgary city council alongside a television reporter and future premier named Ralph Klein – yes, I’m […]

Warnings ignored, action delayed: Ontario’s road to its most dire COVID crisis

Apr 17 2021 — — When Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced the current stay-at-home order on April 7, he said the province’s COVID-19 crisis had become worse than predicted. “The capacity at the ICUs and these variants have taken off even beyond what they told us,” the premier said. “And the second I found out yesterday, immediately I asked them […]

Let’s face it — Erin O’Toole is a dud

Apr 4 2021 — Lorne Gunter — Let’s face it, federal Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole is a dud and a dud is never going to defeat Justin Trudeau. A year ago, when the dawning of the pandemic forced the Tories to take their leadership campaign online and push back their leadership vote, I was struggling to choose a candidate to endorse: O’Toole […]

With one budget, Freeland overturned 3 decades of political orthodoxy

Apr 20 2021 — Aaron Wherry — Nearly seven years ago, a rookie politician surveyed the political landscape across the democratic world and saw the outlines of a new era. “What we are seeing, in both Western Europe and North America, is the end of the Reagan/Thatcher era and of the political ideas that created it,” Chrystia Freeland wrote at the time.

Liberal MP caught stark naked during House of Commons video conference

Apr 14 2021 — — A Liberal MP was caught wearing his birthday suit in the virtual House of Commons. William Amos, who has represented the Quebec riding of Pontiac since 2015, appeared on the screens of his fellow members of Parliament completely naked Wednesday, A screenshot obtained by The Canadian Press shows him standing between the Quebec and Canadian […]

Liberals will tell staffers to disobey House of Commons summons: Rodriguez

Mar 25 2021 — — Federal Liberal cabinet ministers will instruct their staff not to appear if called to any parliamentary committees in an attempt to curb what they call an “abuse of power” by opposition parties. The Conservatives are seeking to summon political staff and civil servants to testify about the WE Charity affair and about how the government […]

Senior Green officials are sabotaging the first Black woman to lead a Canadian political party, ‘disgusted’ insiders say

Apr 7 2021 — Alex Ballingall — Green Leader Annamie Paul is facing obstacles inside her party that threaten her success as Canada’s first Black political leader, according to several Green insiders and a top member of her political circle. Over her first six months as leader, Paul has endured “significant resistance” from high-ranking officials on the Green party’s most powerful governing […]

RCMP officer among 17 confirmed dead in Nova Scotia killing spree

Apr 19 2020 — — RCMP say 17 people are dead, including one of their officers, after a man who at one point wore a police uniform and drove a mock-up cruiser went on a rampage across northern Nova Scotia in one of the deadliest killing sprees in Canadian history. Police said Sunday night the suspected shooter, 51-year-old Gabriel Wortman, […]

Jenni Byrne tossed from Harper’s inner circle

Oct 20 2015 — — On his final campaign flight from Abbotsford, B.C. to Calgary, Stephen Harper sat with his closest friends and began putting together the plan for his exit from the Conservative Party leadership. That plan will unfold this morning, as Conservative politicians and the party’s rank-and-file look to a future leadership race — only the merged party’s […]

Senator Patrick Brazeau in critical but stable condition in Gatineau hospital

Jan 19 2016 — — Senator Patrick Brazeau is recovering in hospital following surgery after he was found seriously injured in his home last night, according to officials at a hospital in Gatineau, Que. Police and paramedics were called to Brazeau’s home in Mayo, Que., northeast of Ottawa, just after 10 p.m. ET on Monday, sources told CBC News. He […]