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The Locked-Down Blues: Canadians, Live Music, and the Pandemic

May 14 2020 — David Coletto — A new poll conducted for Music Canada finds that many Canadians say it will take six months or more before they feel comfortable going to watch live music again, even after physical distancing restrictions are lifted. For video interviews by Skype or Zoom or audio interviews, please contact David at 613-884-4730 or At the […]

COVID-19 and Canadians’ State of Mind: Worried, lonely, and expecting disruption for at least 2 to 3 months

Mar 25 2020 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto — On Monday, we completed a comprehensive survey on how Canadians are feeling and reacting to the COVID-19 outbreak. Over the next few days, we will be releasing findings from that study. In this bulletin, we explore the anxiety caused by the epidemic. Here are the key findings: 75% are following news or information about the […]

Co-operatives and Mutuals in the Age of Uncertainty

Mar 11 2020 — David Coletto — At the end of last year, we conducted a national survey of 5,000 Canadian adults for Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada that explored public attitudes about the economic system, broader public concerns, and what role co-operatives could play in alleviating those concerns. The survey also sought to profile cooperative members in Canada. The survey finds that there is […]

Coronavirus: 14 million Canadians say they are hand washing more; 4 million stocking up on supplies.

Mar 9 2020 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto — Data gathered over the last several days describes some of the ways Canadians have been responding to the Coronavirus. Yesterday we documented a series of avoidance behaviours, today some additional behavioural changes. Here are some highlights: While two of out three say they have or will wash hands more thoroughly, a quarter of Canadians are […]

Abacus Data Bulletin: Canadians prefer negotiation over force but that’s not the same as support for blockades

Mar 5 2020 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto — APPROVAL OF FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Today 33% approve of the Trudeau government performance, 20% are on the fence, and 47% disapprove. Approval is down 4 points since last month and about equal where it was a year ago. BLOCKADES. 6% have been following the blockades by Indigenous protestors very closely, another 40% pretty closely. That means […]