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Abacus Data | Election Poll: Singh impresses at debate while Trudeau and Scheer break even

Oct 10 2019 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto — Following the English language network debate, we polled Canadians on their reactions. Here’s what we found: 13% WATCHED THE ENTIRE DEBATE. The vast majority (87%) didn’t watch the whole debate. Just under half (47%) watched all (13%) of some (29%) of it. Another 23% said they heard something about it from others, and 25% heard […]

1 in 2 Canadians say action to reduce emissions is “urgent”

Sep 13 2019 — — Most say they can and should do more personally. As the country enters an election campaign, the latest Abacus Data – Clean Energy Canada poll reveals that 9 in 10 voters see climate action as important or urgent. And most people think they both can and should do more personally to help combat the threat.

Extreme weather spurs demand for climate action

Sep 6 2019 — — From hurricanes to melting ice in Greenland, the large majority of Canadians believe that these situations are linked to human- and industrial- caused climate change, and it’s causing them to expect more policy action from governments according to a new poll conducted by Abacus Data with Clean Energy Canada.

What impact did the Ethics Commissioner’s report have on the political landscape? Not much it seems.

Aug 21 2019 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto — We were in the field immediately after the release of the Ethics Commissioners report on the SNC Lavalin matter, and through the following several days. Here’s what our national survey of 2,152 respondents reveals: SNC – LAVALIN: FEW MINDS CHANGED. MORE OF THOSE WHO DID SAW A STORY OF PM PROTECTING JOBS. Just over a […]

Is climate change “an emergency” and do Canadians support a made-in-Canada Green New Deal?

Aug 12 2019 — David Coletto — Abacus Data was commissioned by Seth Klein, adjunct professor with Simon Fraser University’s Urban Studies program (as part of research for a book he is writing on the climate emergency), with support from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives –BC Office, and the Corporate Mapping Project) to conduct a national public opinion survey of 2,000 […]