National Newswatch

Another Youthquake?

May 2 2019 — — Exploring the concerns, priorities, and political engagement of Canadian youth aged 15 to 30. Our study found several key issues of concern among youth, and dissatisfaction with the way things are, but also motivation to change the status quo, influence key issues and support others around them to make a difference.

There’s a Conservation Consensus in Canada

Apr 23 2019 — — On behalf of the International Boreal Conservation Campaign, Abacus Data conducted a national public opinion survey of a representative sample of 2,000 Canadians. The study explored public attitudes towards conservation, Canada’s role in meeting its commitment to conserve natural spaces and the role of international and indigenous partnership.

Latest Public Opinion on National Pharmacare: Canadians prefer a dollar-wise focus on those who have no insurance coverage

Mar 13 2019 — Bruce Anderson — Our most recent survey of attitudes towards a Canadian pharmacare initiative commissioned by the Canadian Life and Health Association (1,200 interviews, conducted between February 26 and March 3, 2019) reveals strong support for the idea of helping improve the affordability of medicine for those who have no drug insurance today, coupled with a broad desire […]

Climate Change Worries Open Minds to Modern Nuclear Technology

Mar 1 2019 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto — On behalf of the Canadian Nuclear Association, Abacus Data developed a different approach to surveying contemporary attitudes towards nuclear energy. Instead of looking principally at nuclear as a source of energy, we created a survey that explored whether people might feel differently about nuclear if the conversation was about how to find energy solutions that […]

Assessment of the Trudeau Government at Year End

Dec 28 2018 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto — OVERALL APPROVAL OF THE TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT. Across the country, 42% approve of the performance of the Trudeau government, and 39% disapprove. Approval is down 3 points since November while disapproval is up five points. Since March 2018, the government’s approval rating has hovered between 42% and 45% with disapproval ranging from 34% to 41%.