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With U.S. out, Canadian support for ‘TPP 11’ nearly doubles

Nov 3 2017 — — When President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the days following his inauguration, many thought it would signal the death of, what was at the time, the globe’s largest trade pact. But as TPP negotiations approach the ten-year mark, the agreement appears to be taking on new life. The remaining […]

‘Charismatic’ and ‘Modern’ or ‘Arrogant’ and ‘Flaky’? Canadians weigh in on the Trudeau Brand

Oct 19 2017 — — Justin Trudeau’s public persona – the selfie-taking, magazine-cover-gracing, colourful-sock-wearing, global celebrity Prime Minister – has been an integral part of his Liberal Party’s first two years in government. As much as any policy, Brand Trudeau is what comes to mind when thinking about Canada’s government these days. So, what do Canadians think of their PM’s […]

Trudeau still seen as best PM, but Conservatives ‘best to form government’

Sep 28 2017 — — It was a turbulent summer for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government, which has faced criticism for its handling of the surge in irregular border-crossings in Quebec, the decision to pay Omar Khadr more than $10 million to settle his lawsuit against the government, and its proposed changes to small business taxation. As this […]

As NAFTA negotiations turn tense, Canadians look beyond U.S. and across the Atlantic for future trade

Sep 7 2017 — — As negotiators for Canada, the United States, and Mexico revealed this week they’ve made little progress on revising the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the latest public opinion survey from the Angus Reid Institute finds Canadians increasingly looking to partners other than the U.S. to safeguard international trade. In the last seven months, as […]

Most Canadians approve of nomination of Julie Payette to be Governor General

Aug 25 2017 — — Canada’s next Governor General boasts an impressive background: An astronaut, she was the first Canadian woman to board the International Space Station. She speaks six languages, and has been awarded the Order of Canada and the National Order of Quebec. Since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau nominated Julie Payette to be the official representative of Canada’s […]

Premiers’ Performance: Ball and Wynne bounce, Wall and Pallister slide

Jun 21 2017 — — Canadians appear increasingly underwhelmed by the performances of their provincial premiers. While some are taking steps back from alarmingly low approval levels, others find themselves sliding into previously unknown territory. The rest find their fortunes largely unchanged over the last quarter. It should be noted that five premiers post higher approval than last quarter in […]

Premier Brad Wall faces budget fallout, but his party leads over opposition

Jun 19 2017 — — Brad Wall has referred to the past few months the most difficult of his career: declining resource revenues have led his government to pursue an unpopular austerity program in search of a balanced budget – reportedly expected three years down the road. The pain has been palpable. While the yearly deficit has been cut from […]