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The Head vs. the Heart: In campaign’s 2nd week, O’Toole is voters’ intellectual choice, shares ‘gut’ preference with Singh

Aug 26 2021 — — In an election that may be decided by small segments of moveable voters migrating between parties, leadership matters. A new study from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds that, while the Liberals continue to hang on to a small advantage in vote intent, party chief Justin Trudeau is neither the most attractive leader when voters […]

O’Toole preferred among leaders on economy, but Trudeau bests CPC leader head-to-head

Aug 19 2021 — — Canada’s post pandemic economic recovery has occupied politicians, policy makers and Canadians alike over the last year and a half. It is now poised to occupy a significant amount of the 44th federal election campaign. But putting the domestic economy back on track after an unprecedented deliberate slow down elicits different reactions and different preferences […]

Simon’s appointment underscores linguistic divides as French Quebecers say “non” to non-French speaking GG

Aug 11 2021 — — Choice of English and Inuktitut speaking Governor General hailed outside Quebec. Mary Simon made history earlier this summer when she became Canada’s first Indigenous governor general. In a moment of national reflection catalysed by the on-going confirmation of unmarked graves at residential schools, the appointment of an Indigenous governor general is heralded by many as […]

Favourable vs. Capable: Party leaders earn more warmth from Canadians than trust when it comes to the job of PM

Jul 29 2021 — — Liberals, New Democrats twice as likely as CPC voters to say they’ll vote by mail if able. The interruption of summer reverie, brought to Canadians by political volunteers acting on behalf of their leaders, is already underway. Robo-texts from party chatbots asking who they’ll support. Phone calls from real people asking households whether they’ll take […]

Line 5: Ontarians, Michiganders want the oil to keep flowing in the contested pipeline; Quebecers are split

Jul 27 2021 — — Quebecers, Ontarians want cancelled Energy East reconsidered in wake of the cross-border pipeline dispute. Canada’s energy independence is in the spotlight again, with a key energy artery in the crosshairs of a transborder dispute. Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline, which supplies Ontario and Quebec, is under threat of closure from the governor of Michigan, where the […]

Energy: Canadians tilt towards prioritizing renewables; one-third would split investments between green and oil

Jul 13 2021 — — While green, renewable energy sources are most popular, half (51%) support nuclear energy generation. As main federal party leaders embark on cross-country tours ahead of an all-but-certain election later this year, they are hoping to campaign at the intersection that marks a sweet spot for voter priority: where climate issues meet the economy. As climate […]

Premiers’ Performance: Ford and Kenney’s popularity & political fortunes bear brunt of pandemic management

Jun 9 2021 — — Two of Canada’s most prominent Conservative premiers are deep in the depths of the blues this spring, for reasons that have nothing to do with party branding. Instead, Ontario’s Doug Ford and Alberta’s Jason Kenney are experiencing notable pandemic-related declines in job performance approval, which in turn are affecting – at least for now – […]