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Press Question Press Bailout

May 23 2019 — — A reporters’ association invited to join a federal press bailout panel yesterday said the work is so secretive it may quit the process before it begins. Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez asked eight groups to suggest criteria on which Canadian publishers will receive $595 million in subsidies. “Everything should be public,” said Karen Pugliese, president of […]

MPs Seek Copyright Reforms

May 16 2019 — — The Commons heritage committee yesterday endorsed sweeping copyright reforms to raise by millions the royalties paid to authors, musicians and performers. Creators testified they earned a pittance – one bestselling novelist reported a $12,000 annual income – due to Copyright Act exemptions.

Feds To List Approved Media

May 15 2019 — — Federal agencies will publish an A-list of newspapers and websites deemed reliable under a multi-million dollar subsidy program, the Department of Finance yesterday told the Senate national finance committee. Subsidies to federally-approved news media invite government meddling in a free press, cautioned one senator.

Court Reopens Trudeau Case

Apr 16 2019 — — A federal judge has ordered the Commissioner of Lobbying to reopen an investigation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s dealings with the Aga Khan. The ruling follows multiple trips by the Trudeau Family to the Aga Khan’s private Bahamian isle. “The decision is quashed and returned for redetermination,” wrote Justice Patrick Gleeson. The ruling came at […]

Fake News Case Dismissed

Mar 4 2019 — — The nation’s largest newspaper chain says it’s tightening editorial standards after publishing a fake news story about the Prime Minister’s Office. A press ombudsman, the National News Media Council, dismissed a reader’s complaint in the case. “Our mandate is to examine reader complaints against the backdrop of widely-accepted industry and community standards,” Brent Jolly, spokesperson […]

Wary Of Reach Into Media

Mar 1 2019 — — A cabinet official yesterday dismissed disclosures the Prime Minister’s Office boasted of being able to “line up” newspaper editors and columnists to write Liberal-friendly commentaries. Cabinet in its March 19 budget has proposed to detail a half-billion subsidy program for media deemed reliable. “Did they suggest there were appropriate ways in which the actions that […]

Words Aren’t Literal: Senator

Feb 21 2019 — — The Conservative chair of the Senate transport committee yesterday invoked Chuck Berry and the Minnesota Vikings in ridiculing complaints over a turn of phrase he used in a speech at a public rally. Liberals described the language as too violent.

See Bigotry At Work: Senator

Feb 18 2019 — — The chair of the Senate human rights committee says she has encountered anti-Black bigotry on Parliament Hill, aboard commercial airline flights and in “countless” other circumstances. “I am feeling emotional just telling you this,” said Senator Wanda Thomas Bernard (Independent-N.S.).

See 100,000 Pages Of Defects

Feb 7 2019 — — Records on costly construction and design defects in newly-opened Parliament buildings run to more than 100,000 pages, says the Department of Public Works. MPs and senators complain of numerous errors, from doors that don’t open to sound systems that don’t amplify. Renovations cost more than $1.1 billion to date. “It seems we are in a […]

Wary Of Meddling In Media

Jan 30 2019 — — The Department of Industry in a secret Access To Information memo cautions against federal meddling in media under the guise of combating fake news. The 2018 memo predates a plan to have subsidized media monitors “expose” election-year coverage deemed unreliable.

Resign Or Else, CEO Warned

Jan 25 2019 — — The cabinet-appointed CEO of a “high performing” Crown agency failed to disclose financial dealings in the legal marijuana trade, the Office of the Ethics Commissioner yesterday disclosed. Ian McKay was ordered to immediately resign as director of a cannabis investment company. McKay did not reply to Blacklock’s request for comment. Cabinet last March 12 appointed […]

Justice Minister OK’d Piracy

Jan 16 2019 — — Newly-appointed Attorney General David Lametti in a paper written as a McGill law professor defended blatant music piracy as ethical “whatever the law”: “Everyone is doing it,” he wrote. Lametti yesterday did not comment.

Didn’t Lobby, Says Pundit

Jan 7 2019 — — A Globe & Mail columnist in a submission to the House heritage committee acknowledges third-party dealings with federal agencies, software investors and unnamed organizations, but denied any conflict of interest. The newspaper’s Editorial Code Of Conduct restricts columnists from “outside involvement with a group or association being covered”. Globe management did not comment. “I have […]

$385K Grant For News Lobby

Dec 19 2018 — — A newspaper lobby group, the Canadian News Media Association, has received nearly $385,000 in federal grants – the equivalent of more than half its annual budget – to encourage people to buy newspapers, according to Access To Information records. The funding was never announced. Costs include having $160-an hour publicists encourage celebrities to pose for […]

Questions Torstar Contract

Dec 14 2018 — — Cabinet’s representative in the Senate yesterday said he’d determine whether the Toronto Star lobbied the Prime Minister’s Office for a lucrative contract. The $355,950 deal was cancelled December 5 by the Procurement Ombudsman following a formal complaint from Blacklock’s.