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Canada Urged to File WTO Case Against China Over Canola Feud

Mar 29 2019 — Josh Wingrove — Canada is being urged to launch a World Trade Organization challenge against China over an escalating canola feud between the two countries. China has halted imports of canola — a crop used in cooking and livestock feed — from some Canadian firms. While the Asian country is citing pest and quarantine concerns, the move is […]

Canada Sees Its Biggest Influx of Immigrants Since World War I

Mar 21 2019 — Theophilos Argitis — Canada just recorded its biggest influx of immigrants in more than a century. The country added 71,131 immigrants in the final three months of 2018, for a full year increase of 321,065, according to the latest estimates released Thursday by Statistics Canada in Ottawa. The annual increase is the largest since 1913 — when 401,000 […]

How Trudeau’s Faring Economically Ahead of His Election Budget

Mar 18 2019 — Theophilos Argitis — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivers his fourth and final budget this week before Canada’s next election. The fiscal plan, to be unveiled Tuesday in the Ottawa legislature by Finance Minister Bill Morneau, comes with the economy in a soft patch, concerns building over the country’s competitiveness and the Liberal government trailing in opinion polls.

Once-Mighty Canadian Mining Losing Ground to Global Competitors

Mar 14 2019 — — Canada is in danger of losing its global dominance in mining, despite recent government initiatives to improve competitiveness, according to a report from an industry association. The report, by the Mining Association of Canada, comes as debate about the hollowing out of the country’s mining sector grows. Mega-mergers by Canada’s two largest gold companies, Barrick […]

Trudeau Government Signals It Will Soon Announce Pharmacare Plan

Mar 6 2019 — — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government is signaling it could soon announce funding for a pharmacare program, as it looks to help reduce the billions paid out-of-pocket for prescription drugs. Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor and Finance Minister Bill Morneau spoke Wednesday in Toronto after a government pharmacare advisory council delivered an interim report on a […]

Consumers Still in a Rut as Soft Economy Adds to Trudeau’s Woes

Mar 4 2019 — Josh Wingrove — The bad news just keeps coming for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Confidence among consumers remains sluggish — well below the 12-month average on widespread expectations the economy will stagnate or weaken, telephone polling shows. Canadians are more confident in their job security than they have been in years, but that hasn’t extended into better […]

Trump Nears Key Cuba Sanctions Decision Over Support for Maduro

Feb 27 2019 — Stephen Wicary — Donald Trump’s administration regularly denounces Nicolas Maduro as an autocratic Cuban puppet and may hit the Caribbean island with new sanctions over its support for the Venezuelan leader. The U.S. president is expected to decide soon whether to activate a controversial section of American law toward Cuba for the first time ever, with other measures […]

Canada’s Boy Wonder Prime Minister Is Aging as Elections Loom

Feb 13 2019 — Josh Wingrove — Justin Trudeau’s top rival in Canada’s October general election is, technically, Andrew Scheer, a pro-Brexit Conservative Party leader running a campaign of suburban values and smaller government in an attempt to hold the prime minister to one term. But lately, Scheer’s had help in weakening Trudeau’s brand—from Trudeau himself.

Supreme Court Allows Trump’s Transgender Military Ban to Take Effect

Jan 22 2019 — — The U.S. Supreme Court cleared President Donald Trump’s administration to start barring most transgender people from serving in the armed forces, Bloomberg News reports. The justices, voting 5-4, put on hold lower court decisions that had blocked the administration’s planned ban from taking effect. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan […]

Trudeau Is Months Away From a Huawei 5G Decision, Sources Say

Jan 18 2019 — Josh Wingrove — Justin Trudeau’s government is still conducting its security review of 5G telecommunications systems and is months away from a decision on whether to restrict Huawei Technologies Co., people familiar with the plans say. Canadian security agencies continue to study the issue, including what potential security vulnerabilities exist, the people said, speaking on condition of anonymity […]

Trudeau’s U.S. Envoy Confident on USMCA Passage, Tariff Relief

Jan 17 2019 — Josh Wingrove — Canada’s ambassador to Washington is confident that the U.S. will both pass the revised North American trade deal and lift tariffs on steel and aluminum. David MacNaughton, speaking to reporters Wednesday in Sherbrooke, Quebec, during a cabinet meeting, said there are “no negotiations going on” to resolve the U.S.-Canada tariff dispute but that the government […]