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Who are Canada’s Tech Workers?

Jan 23 2019 — — This report closely examines tech workers across Canada and seeks to shed light on Canada’s tech occupations and the diversity and equity within them. Adding almost 200,000 new jobs since 2016, Canada’s highly-skilled tech workers are becoming a major component of Canada’s workforce. Using brand new methodologies and powerful data visualizations, Who are Canada’s Tech […]

Stacking Up: A Snapshot of Canada’s Developer Talent

Dec 5 2017 — — Stacking Up: A Snapshot of Canada’s Developer Talent is a new report produced in partnership with Stack Overflow, the world’s largest software developer community. This report shines a light on a growing and increasingly important segment of Canada’s tech economy: software developers.

21st-Century Workforce Survival Guide

Mar 28 2017 — — Emily Fan, like many of us, wasn’t always tech-savvy. She completed her undergrad in political science at the University of Toronto, and began her career as a summer student at the City of Toronto. After several years with the City, she steadily rose through the ranks and eventually became a senior budget analyst, working on […]