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Jagmeet Singh on Tory opponent: ‘Maybe he should go back to law school’

Jan 13 2019 — — NDP leader Jagmeet Singh suggested his Burnaby South opponent, lawyer Jay Shin, had forgotten a basic principle of Canadian law after the Tory said Singh was “keeping criminals out of jail” in his days as a criminal defence lawyer. Shin issued a press release accusing Singh of being soft on crime. The release came within […]

Liberal Karen Wang: Burnaby South needs a local in Parliament

Jan 8 2019 — — Liberal candidate Karen Wang is confident her deep local connections will help her defeat federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh in the upcoming Burnaby South byelection. The businessowner says running four daycares (three in Burnaby, one in New Westminster) has given her a unique insight into the community she has called home for 20 years.

Bernier’s new party would strengthen Trudeau’s hold on B.C.

Aug 28 2018 — Keith Baldrey — It is not yet clear whether the new political party promised by disaffected ex-Conservative MP Maxime Bernier will actually materialize, but if it does, it may very well strengthen Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s hold on this province. Bernier is promising to field candidates in every riding in the country, so presumably he aims to install […]

Behind the scenes at a Stephen Harper event in Burnaby

Sep 16 2015 — — It’s like attending a highly organized, ideological rock concert. From the moment of entry, everything is tightly controlled at Stephen Harper’s Burnaby visit. There’s a check-in table for media where Cornelia Naylor and I are asked for official accreditation. I wonder what that looks like, as I fish in the depths of my purse, and […]

NDP’s Dix should resign: Dhaliwal

Aug 23 2013 — — After reflecting since May’s election, Burnaby Coun. Sav Dhaliwal has decided to publicly call for B.C. NDP leader Adrian Dix’s resignation. Dhaliwal, former B.C. NDP president, says Dix, president Moe Sihota and provincial secretary Jan O’Brien should step down as the election in May was a huge failure. “As we all know, the last provincial […]